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Standard Conical Engraving Tools - V-Shaped Bits

Standard Conical Engraving Tools - Engrave Aluminum, Plastic, Steel, and Many Materials

Standard Conical Engraving Tool

V-Bits for Engraving and Marking

Shank Diameters
1/8", 11/64", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 9/16"
and metric tool sizes
4 mm & 6 mm

Included Angles
40°, 45°, 60°, 90°

GENERAL PURPOSE - Standard Conical Engraving Tool

Made of submicron grade carbide

The Standard Conical General Purpose Engraving Tool is a V-Shaped Engraving Tool Bit.

It is produced from a Submicron Nano Grade Solid Carbide for maximum tool strength.

The Standard Conical Engraving Tool is the most commonly used engraving tool.

We produce these tools in house in standard and metric tool sizes.

This tool is made in two "Engraver Types".

Choose the Engraver Type based on the material being engraved.   

  • G - For Harder Materials/General Purpose:  Engrave hard Aluminum, Steel, Metals, Stainless Steel, Wood, and more.  This general purpose tool engraves the widest range of materials.
  • S - For Softer Materials:  Engrave soft, or gummy materials. Softer Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Plastic, Acrylic, Silver, and more. This style tool is designed with sharper clearance angles to cut softer/gummy materials to reduce the chance of burring.

The Standard Conical Engraving Tool is designed for rotary engraving and marking.

It can be used CNC milling machines, our patented Spring Loaded Engraving Tools, Top Loading Engraving Machines, Standard Tool Holders such as Collets or End Mill Holders and many other industrial engraving and marking equipment.

Standard Conical V Bit Engraving Tool

To order select a tool diameter below.
- We manufacture in house.
- We keep many tool sizes in stock.

Don't see the size you are looking for?
- Contact us or, submit a custom tool request.
- Custom tools have a quick turn-around.

Standard Conical Engraving Tools
Available Tool Shank Diameters
More Info1/8" (.125") Shank Diameter
40°, 45°, 60° & 90°
More Info11/64" (.1719") Shank Diameter
45°, 60° & 90°
More Info3/16" (.1875") Shank Diameter
40, 45, 60 & 90
More Info1/4" (.250") Shank Diameter
40, 45, 60 & 90
More Info3/8" (.375") Shank Diameter
45, 60 & 90
More Info1/2" (.500") Shank Diameter
45, 60 & 90
More Info9/16" (.5625") Shank Diameter
45, 60 & 90
More Info4 mm (.157") Metric Shank Diameter
45, 60 & 90
More Info6 mm (.236") Metric Shank Diameter
40, 45, 60 & 90


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