Vacuum Pumps: Air Venturi Vacuum Pumps & Oil-Free Portable Electric Vacuum Pump

Create a Vacuum with a Portable Electric Vacuum Pump or Air Venturi Vacuum Generator Pump

Electric Vacuum Pumps and Air Venturi Vacuum Generator Pumps can be used to produce a vacuum for workholding, fixturing, clamping applications, and solid or liquid material transfer.

The Portable Oil-free Electric Vacuum Pump:

  • 10 CFM Vacuum Pump with a 10.5 gallon tank.
  • Max. Vacuum of 26″ Hg.
  • Accommodates a 1,200 square inch sealed Vacuum Chuck.
  • Includes an adjustable vacuum set point Vacuum Switch to control the on and off operation of the motor automatically as vacuum is needed.
  • An integrated coolant trap with washable metal vacuum filter helps keep contaminants from entering the vacuum pump motor.
  • Often used with Vacuum Chuck Workholding applications.

Air Venturi Generator Pumps:

  • Create a vacuum using compressed air (shop air).
  • The no clog, straight through, filter free design helps prevent clogging of the vacuum pump by any debris.
  • Available in Anodized Aluminum, and PTFE (Teflon).
  • Compatible for cleanroom use.
  • Can be used in tough environments like offshore oil platforms.
  • Often used with Vacuum Chuck Workholding applications.

We manufacture and ship out of our facility in Hudson, Massachusetts, USA.

Air Venturi Vacuum Pumps and Portable Electric Vacuum Pumps are used in 2L Complete Vacuum Workholding Systems.

The Oil Free Portable Electric Vacuum Pump and all Air Venturi Vacuum Generator Pumps are typically in stock.

Vacuum Pumps

Oil Free Portable Electric Vacuum Pump

Portable Oil-Free Electric Vacuum Pump

  • Portable Oil Free Electric Vacuum Pump for vacuum workholding, fixturing and vacuum forming.
  • 10 CFM Vacuum Pump.
  • 10.5 Gallon ASME Steel Tank.
  • Adjustable vacuum set point.
Air Venturi Vacuum Generator Pumps

Air Venturi Vacuum Generator Pumps

  • Create a vacuum using ordinary compressed air.
  • Use for Vacuum Chuck workholding, solid or liquid materials transfer, and custom fixturing and clamping.
  • Available in Anodized Aluminum and PTFE (Teflon).

No-Clog Air Exhaust Silencers

Adjustable Vacuum Pressure Switch

No Clog Air Exhaust Silencers

No Clog Air Exhaust Silencers

  • Reduce Air Exhaust Noise Levels from approximately 12-30db.
  • No Clog straight through design inhibits possible clogging.
  • Reduce air exhaust noise from Air Venturi Vacuums.
  • Anodized Aluminum for use in harsh and dirty environments.
vacuum switches land

Adjustable Vacuum Pressure Switch

  • Use With 2L Portable Electric Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Chucks, and Many Vacuum Workholding Applications.
  • Has both Normally Open and Normally Closed Quick Connect Terminals.
  • Tight repeatable deadband for consistent operation.
  • Two Electrical Ratings: 5A and 10.1 A.

Workholding Accessories

workholding access main

Accessories - Vacuum Workholding

  • Accessories and replacement items for Modular Vacuum Chucks, Large Vacuum Chucks, and general workholding and fixturing.
  • Gasket Cord, Vacuum Manifold, Double Sided Workholding Tape, Adjustable Workstops and Adjustable Edge Clamps, and more.
Vacuum Pump Filter Housing

Accessories and Replacement Parts for the Portable Electric Vacuum Pump

  • Oil Free Electric Vacuum Pump accessories include Vacuum Filiter, Vacuum Pressure Switch, O-rings, Repair Kit, and more.