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Free USPS Ground Shipping

Free USPS Ground Shipping on orders $69.99 US Dollars and above.

  • Free USPS standard ground shipping offer applies to orders placed on our website with US based credit card as payment and shipping to locations within the 48 contiguous United States.
  • A minimum order of $69.99 US Dollars is required.
  • Freight shipments of the Portable Electric Vacuum Pump and Large Vacuum Chucks are excluded from this offer.
  • To be eligible for this free shipping offer all orders must ship complete. If you elect for partial shipments, shipping fees will apply.
  • Terms and conditions of this offer are subject to change without notice.

Free shipping offer is valid for orders submitted on our website and received by 2L inc. by 11:59 pm EST Sunday, May 29, 2022, while supplies last.

On Sale Now!

Now – Through Sunday, May 29, 2022 – While Supplies Last!

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Engraving Tool Starter Kits1/8″ (.125″) Engraving Tool Starter Kit - 6 different engraving tool bits for many materials. Includes: C-125×2.0-60-.020-G: Standard Conical Engrav...Engraving Tool Starter Kits Set Of 6 Popular Engraving Tools10486 $75.362022-05-29


Complete Large Vacuum Chuck - Venturi System13" x 25" Large Vacuum Chuck and Air Venturi Vacuum Pump, Complete Vacuum System Vacuum Workholding Systems: Large Vacuum Chuck And Air Venturi Vacuum10815 $2,041.092022-05-29


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  • These offers cannot be combined with any other discount/offer.
  • Special pricing available while supplies last.
  • Free shipping does not apply to any items that require freight shipping due to their size and weight.
  • All Sales are final.
  • Sale prices are valid through Sunday, May 29, 2022 while supplies last!
  • Free shipping option does not apply to items shipping Freight.