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  • Free USPS 1st Class Mail ground shipping offer applies to orders placed on our website, with US based credit card as payment, and shipping to locations within the 48 contiguous United States, HI and AK.
  • A minimum order of $99.99 US Dollars is required.
  • To be eligible for this free shipping offer all orders must ship complete in a single shipment. If you elect for partial shipments, shipping fees will apply.
  • Shipments including the the Portable Electric Vacuum Pump, Automatic Air Powered Vacuum Pump, and/or Large Vacuum Chucks are excluded from the free shipping offer.
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Free Shipping offer is valid for orders submitted on our website and received by 11:59pm EST Sunday, July 28, 2024 with Minimum Purchase of $99.99.

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Extended Reach Tool Holder

Use the Extended Reach Tool Holder for operations where an extra long tool is needed to reach into deep cavities or pockets, and where larger diameter Collet holding devices cannot get close enough to the cavity or pocket walls.

This straight shank tool extension is typically used with End Mills when additional reach length is needed when cutting and machining.

  • Produced from high strength solid tool steel for maximum rigidity.
  • Holds 1/8” (0.125”) diameter tools.
  • 6 inches overall length.
  • Extremely small 3/8” (0.375”) overall diameter.
  • Quick tool changes – change the cutting tool from the front without removing the tool holder from the spindle.
  • Straight shank (0.375” diameter) allows you to control how far the Tool Holder protrudes from your Collet.
  • For use with CNC Mills, Lathes, and Grinders.
  • This tool is designed for light finishing cuts only.
  • Operating Notes: Protrude the Extended Reach Tool Holder from your Collet the minimum amount necessary to reach into the pocket or cavity. The shaft may bend or whip if protruded too far from the Collet or too much sideways cutting pressure is applied. The Extended Reach Tool Holder is produced from high strength tool steel so it can be trammed in straight (straightened) in your spindle if necessary.
Extended Reach Tool Holder

Diamond Tip Engraving Tools

Engrave Fine Letters and Lines Using a Diamond Drag Engraving Tool

Diamond Tip Engraving Tool

For Very Fine, Shallow Engraving of Lines and Letters on Many Materials
Diamond Tip Engraving Tools

Diamond Tip Engraving Tool

Very Popular for Small and Fine Engraving Such as Engraving Jewelry

Diamond Drag Engraving Tools with diamond tip in 90° and 120° included angles.

These Diamond Drag Engraving Tools can be used for scratch/drag engraving and scribing as well as rotary engraving.

When using with a Spring Loaded Engraving Tool the Diamond Drag Engraving Tool can be held stationary for drag/scratch engraving, or it can be rotated in a machine spindle.

  • Produces thin, fine, delicate and detailed shallow engraving.
  • Extremely effective in engraving very small letters, and fine lines.
  • Produces excellent results when used to show base metal beneath anodized or epoxy coatings.
  • Engrave and mark practically any material: Hard materials such as Glass, Stone, Ceramic, Granite, Stainless Steel, Steels as well as softer materials such as Aluminum and Brass.
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  • Special pricing available while supplies last.
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