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End Mill Filter – Find the Best Tool Bit for the Material Being Engraved

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2L manufacturers a wide range of superior quality Solid Carbide End Mills that are designed for maximum performance on the material being CNC machined. We produce End Mills for Plastic and Wood, End Mills for Aluminum, End Mills for Steel and other hard materials, End Mills for Composites in house in standard and metric sizes.

  • Produced from a Premium, Ultra-Fine, Nano Grade Solid Carbide for maximum tool strength.
  • Standard and Metric Sizes.
  • Manufactured in house.
  • If you do not see the tool you are looking for Contact Us or send us a Custom Tool Request.

Utilize the End Mill Filter below to find the best End Mill for the material you are machining and cutting.

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  • Intended Use

Cutting Tool Accessories

Extended Reach Toolholder
extended reach home
  • Use to reach into deep cavities or pockets.
  • 6.00″ overall length.
  • Holds 1/8” (0.125”) diameter tools.
  • 0.375” (3/8”) Overall Diameter.