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Hole Making Tools, Thread Mills – Solid Carbide

Spot Drills, Chamfering Tools, Thread Mills, Boring Bars, Square Key Broaches, Broken Tap Removal Tools, Countersinks
Superior Quality Hole Making Tools – Made in the USA!

2L inc. manufacturers a wide range of superior quality Solid Carbide Tools for hole making, threading, chamfering, spotting, boring and removing broken taps.

We produce these Hole Making Tools in many sizes:

  • Boring Bars.
  • Broken Tap Removal Tools.
  • Chamfering Tools.
  • Countersinks with Pilot.
  • Countersinks with Single Flute.
  • Spot Drills.
  • Square Key Broaches.
  • Thread Mills.

We manufacture our tools in house and keep 1000s of tools in stock, ready to ship!

If you do not see the tool you are looking for Contact Us or send us a Custom Tool Request

Hole Making Tools, Thread Mills, Spot Drills, Chamfering Tools and more
Tough Tip Engraving Tool for Steels

Boring Bars - Mini

  • Bore & Machine micro size holes in numerous materials.
  • Boring Bars have round necks for maximum rigidity and less deflection.
  • Enlarge or finish the inside diameter of a workpiece.
Radius Tough Tip Engraving Tool

Broken Tap Removal Tools

  • Armor Drills and Armor Mills drill out broken taps and drills that are broken off below the workpiece surface.
  • Armor Drill – drill style tool.
  • Armor Mill – square mill style tool.
  • Solid carbide for maximum strength.
Radius Tough Tip Engraving Tool

Chamfering Tools

  • Solid Carbide tool for chamfering, deburring and spot drilling.
  • Tough cutting edges allow for higher feed rates.
  • Machine practically any material from soft plastics, to hard steels.
Countersink Tools with Single Flute

Countersinks with Single Flute

  • Single Flute Solid Carbide Tool for countersinking, chamfering or deburring.
  • Solid carbide shank ensures maximum rigidity to reduce chatter.
Countersink Tools with Pilot

Countersinks with Pilot

  • Solid Carbide Countersink with pilots designed for countersinking, chamfering or deburring.
  • Countersinks with integrated pilot drills reduce chattering by allowing the pilot to closely fit into a predrilled hole.
Tough Tip Engraving Tool for Aluminum

Spot Drills

  • CNC Spotting Drills with short flutes to maintain maximum rigidity.
  • For centering, pre-drilling holes, and deburring.
square key broach

Square Key Broaches

  • Square Key Broaches for broaching or punching keyway slots.
  • Use on a lathe or machining center to nibble or punch keyway slots.
Radius Tough Tip Engraving Tool

Thread Mills

  • Solid Carbide Thread Mills for cutting both internal and external threads.
  • Create multiple thread pitches with one tool.

Cutting Tool Accessories

Extended Reach Toolholder
extended reach home
  • Use to reach into deep cavities or pockets.
  • 6.00″ overall length.
  • Holds 1/8” (0.125”) diameter tools.
  • 0.375” (3/8”) overall diameter.