Spring Loaded Engraving Tools

Engrave Flat, Curved and Unevn Surfaces

Engraving Tools

Precision Made – Solid Carbide

CNC Countersink Depth Stop Tool

Control Countersink Depth on Uneven Surfaces

End Mills

Precision Made – Solid Carbide

CNC Dot Peen Marking Tool

Produces Permanent Dots or Marks using a Rotating Spindle

Complete Vacuum Workholding Systems

Everything Needed To Begin Vacuum Workholding

CAD/CAM Engraving Software Programs

Engrave: Serialized Part Numbers, Text, Logos, 2 D Data Matrix Barcodes

Precision Vacuum Chucks

8″ x 12″ Modular Vacuum Chucks and Large Size Vacuum Chucks

Armor Mills

Machine and Cut Granite, Hardend Steels & More

Vacuum Pumps

Portable Electric and Air Venturi Vacuum Pumps

Broken Tap Removal Tools

Precision Made – Solid Carbide

Hole Making and Thread Mills

Spot Drills – Thread Mills – Chamfering Tools & More

Pallet Fixturing System

8″ x 12″ Modular Pallet System for Prototyping and Production Fixturing

Custom Tooling

Solid Carbide – Quick Lead Times

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Engraving Tools, End Mills, Countersinking and Workholding Products

For Production CNC Machining and Engraving of Aluminum, Plastic, Stainless Steel, Wood, and More

2L inc. offers a unique selection of products in support of the manufacturing industries.

Our in house production includes Engraving & Marking Tools, Solid Carbide End Mills & Cutting Tools, Countersinking Tools, Vacuum Workholding Systems, and Noise Reduction Solutions.

Several of our products most popular within the manufacturing industry have been awarded design patents, and are available from us.  These include: Spring Loaded Engraving Tools, Tough Tip Engraving Tools, CNC Countersink Depth Stop, and Adjustable Edge Clamps.

In addition to our standard items, we produce custom solid carbide tools with quick turnaround. We provide resharpening services of carbide cutting tools upon request.

We maintain stock on 1000s of our Solid Carbide Engraving Tools, End Mills, and Cutting Tools and the majority of our Engraving, Marking, Workholding, Silencing and Countersinking Products. 

Engraving & Marking

Engraving Tools & Scribes

  • Solid Carbide and Diamond Tip Engraving Tools.
  • Custom tools with quick lead times.
  • 1000s of standard and metric tools in stock.

Spring Loaded Engraving Tools

  • Engraves flat, curved and uneven surfaces faster.
  • Reduces Set Up Times.
  • Reduces Engraving Cycle Times up to 75%.

CNC Dot Peen Marking Tool


  • Produces permanent dots or pin marks using the rotating spindle of a CNC machine.
  • Compensates for variations in the surface height of workpiece.

Engraving Software Programs


  • Engrave with 3 & 4 axis CNC Machines, C- Axis Lathes.
  • Engrave text, numbers, logos,  serial numbers, DXF, jpg, bmp, rotate, place engraving on a radius.
  • Engrave 2D Data Matrix Bar Codes.

Solid Carbide Cutting Tools

End Mills


  • Premium Solid Carbide End Mills to cut Ferrous Materials, Aluminum, Plastic, Steel, Wood, Granite and more.
  • Custom tools with quick lead times.
  • 1000s of standard and metric tools in stock.

Hole Making & Threading Tools

  • Premium Solid Carbide Boring Bars, Chamfering Tools, Countersinks, Spot Drills, Square Key Broaches, and Threadmills.
  • Custom tools with quick lead times.
  • 1000s of standard and metric tools in stock.

Broken Tap Tools


  • Armor Drills & Armor Mills drill out broken taps and drills.
  • Machine and cut hard materials, Granite, Hardened Steel, Armor Plate, and more.
  • Premium Solid Carbide.

Extended Reach Tool Holder


  • Use to reach into deep cavities or pockets.
  • 6.00″ overall length.
  • Holds 1/8” (0.125”) diameter tools.
  • 0.375” (3/8”) Overall Diameter.
  • Manufactured in house.


CNC Countersink Depth Stop

  • Maintains precise countersink depth control on materials with tolerance variations.
  • Adjust depth of cut in 0.001” increments.
  • Holds Countersinks bits with cutter diameters up to 7/8” (0.875” – 22 mm).

Countersinks with Pilot

  • Countersinks with Pilot Drills Reduce Chatter by Allowing the Pilot to Closely Fit into a Pre-drilled Hole.
  • Use in a rigid tool holder or with the 2L CNC Countersink Depth Stop Tool.
  • Premium Solid Carbide.

Countersink with Single Flute

  • Single Flute Countersink Tool Bits.
  • Use in a rigid tool holder or with the 2L CNC Countersink Depth Stop Tool.
  • Premium Solid Carbide.
  • Manufactured in house.

Workholding & Fixturing

Modular 8" x 12" Vacuum Chucks

  • 8″ x 12″ x 1.45″ Precision Aluminum Vacuum Chuck Kits.
  • Modular design allows you to connect one, two, three, four or more Vacuum Chucks to create custom size vacuum workspace.

Large Vacuum Chucks

  • Precision Aluminum Vacuum Chucks.
  • Standard Sizes: 13″ x 25″, 18″ x 36″ and 24″ x 48″.

Complete Vacuum Chuck & Pump Systems

  • Complete Vacuum Chuck & Pump Systems include everything needed to get started vacuum workholding.
  • Choose from selection of Modular or Large Vacuum Chucks, and Air Venturi Vacuum or Portable Electric Vacuum Pump.
Air Venturi Vacuum Pumps

Air Venturi Vacuum Generator Pumps

  • Connect and Air Venturi Vacuum to shop air to create a vacuum.
  • Available in PTFE and Aluminum.
  • In Stock.
Oil Free Portable Electric Vacuum Pump

Portable Electric Vacuum Pump

  • 20 gallon ASME tank with a 10 CFM vacuum system.
  • Maintenance free 3/4 hp oil-free Vacuum Pump Motor.
  • Adjustable Vacuum Switch allows for auto on/off at a set vacuum.

Pallet Fixturing System

  • Modular 8″ x 12″ Pallet Workholding System.
  • Use for prototyping to eliminate the need for custom fixtures.
  • Connect 1, 2, 3, or 4 to create a custom size workholding area.

Air Exhaust Silencers

Custom Tools

No-Clog Air Exhaust Silencers

  • Quiet air exhausted from Pneumatic Air Tools, Industrial Air Equipment, Air Cylinders, Air Venturi Vacuum Pumps, AC Pumps and more.
  • Noise reduction approx. 12 db – 30 db.
  • Straight-through, open-bore design inhibits clogging from exhaust contaminants.

Custom End Mills, Engraving Tools, Cutting Tools & More

  • 2L manufacturers solid carbide cutting tools in house.
  • Custom tools are produced with a quick turn-around time at low costs and quantities.
  • We can produce tools with diameters up to 3/4″ (19mm) and many different diameters and lengths.

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Email: contact@2Linc.com


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