Low Profile Adjustable Hex Work Stops and Edge Clamps for Versatile Fixturing

Securely Hold a Wide Range of Difficult to Hold Workpieces with Adjustable Work Stops and Edge Clamps

Adjustable Work Stops & Edge Clamps – Quick Machining Set Up

Adjustable Hex Work Stops and Edge Clamps are used when clearance is needed for low profile machining.

Hold practically any unique size, shape, circular, thin, low profile workpiece.

Use with 2L Vacuum Chucks and many workholding, pallet or fixturing applications & equipment.

Simple to Use: To secure workpiece tighten the standard flathead screw in the Edge Clamp. This moves the clamp toward the workpiece, securely clamping the workpiece in place.

Numbered locations on the Hex Work Stop and Edge Clamps allow for repeatable setup.

Can be used with 2L Modular Pallet System, Modular Vacuum Chucks, Large Vacuum Chucks or many workholding and fixturing systems.

  • Low profile for maximum clearance.
  • Black oxide steel construction.
  • A 1/4”-20 screw is included with each Workstop and Edge Clamp.

* The Adjustable Workstops and Edge Clamps are covered by U.S. Patent 8011648,

Click Image to EnlargeNamePart No.Price (each)Buy
Adjustable Hex WorkstopAdjustable Hex Workstop10247$19.00


Adjustable Hex Workstop
Adjustable Edge ClampAdjustable Edge Clamp10248$22.00


Adjustable Edge Clamp
Adjustable Corner Edge ClampAdjustable Corner Edge Clamp10272$28.00


Adjustable Corner Edge Clamp
Adjustable Thin Corner Edge ClampAdjustable Thin Corner Edge Clamp10273$32.00


Adjustable Thin Corner Edge Clamp
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