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Burnishing Tools Rub or Burnish Plated or Coated Parts to Expose and Polish the Metal Underneath – Solid Carbide

Create Shallow Marks on Hardened Steel, and Cast Steel Parts with Burnishing Tools

Burnishing Tools: Polish And Burnish Plated Metals

Burnishing Tools have a faceted style tip, and are typically used for shallow marks (up to .007″ deep). As they are not technically a cutting tool, they are used for applications that require shallower marks. They can be used for many different marking and engraving applications on a wide range of materials.

  • Use for rotary marking and engraving.
  • Rub, or burnish plated and non-plated surfaces.
  • Remove plating or coating to expose and polish the metal underneath (for materials such as Black Oxide coated parts, hard Anodized Aluminum or soft Anodized Aluminum parts).
  • Ideal for marking hard materials such as hardened Steel when deep engraving is not required.
  • Mark Cast Steel parts or burnish through Scale to produce a clear and shallow engraved line.
  • Burnishing Tools are an excellent option to use instead of a Diamond Tool on plated parts since the larger tip style creates wider lines which remove more material.
  • Solid Carbide – premium, ultra-fine nano grade carbide for maximum tool strength.
  • Manufactured in house.
  • 1,000s of tools in stock & ready to ship!

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  • Tool Shank Diameters: 1/8″, 11/64″, 3/16″ & 1/4″.
  • Tip Widths: .005″, .010″ & .020″.
  • Solid Carbide: Produced from premium, ultra-fine nano grade carbide for maximum tool strength.

A Spring Loaded Engraving Tool is recommended when using a Burnishing Tool.

Custom Tools are produced in house with quick turn around.
If you do not see a size you are looking for Contact Us or send us a Custom Tool Request.

Use for Rotary Engraving & Drag/Scratch Engraving with:

  • CNC Milling Machines.
  • Routers.
  • 2L Spring Loaded Engraving Tools.
  • Engraving Machines.
  • Industrial Marking Systems.
  • Table Top and Top Loading Engraving Machines (4.5″ & 6.5″ OL).
Burnish or Remove Plating on Coated Metal Parts, Mark Hardened Steels