Vacuum and Workholding Accessories

For Use With Vacuum Chucks, Vacuum Pumps & Complete Workholding Systems

Adjustable Vacuum Pressure Switch, Workstops and Accessories

Adjustable Vacuum Pressure Switch

  • Use With 2L Portable Electric Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Chucks, and Many Vacuum Workholding Applications.
  • Has both Normally Open and Normally Closed Quick Connect Terminals.
  • Tight repeatable deadband for consistent operation.
  • Two Electrical Ratings: 5A and 10.1 A.
Adjustable Workstops and Edge Clamps

Workstops and Edge Clamps

  • Low Profile Workstops and Edge Clamps used for maximum clearance.
  • Hold a wide range of shaped workpieces, square, round, corner, and more.

Accessories - Vacuum Workholding

  • Accessories and replacement items for Modular Vacuum Chucks, Large Vacuum Chucks, and general workholding and fixturing.
  • Gasket Cord, Vacuum Manifold, Double Sided Workholding Tape, Adjustable Workstops and Adjustable Edge Clamps, and more.