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Spring Loaded Engraving Tool™ – Tech Info

Engrave Flat, Curved and Uneven Surfaces with a CNC Machine and a Spring Loaded Engraving Tool

FAQ – Speeds and Feeds – Cycle Time Reduction & More


Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

  • Answers to the common questions regarding the Spring Loaded Engraving Tool.
  • Everything you need to know about 2L Spring Loaded Engraving Tools.
Spring Loaded Engraving Tools

Feeds and Speeds

  • Feeds and Speeds for Engraving with each of the five size Spring Loaded Engraving Tools ™.
  • Printable and downloadable pdf.
Reduce Engraving Cycle Times with a Spring Loaded Engraving Tool

Cycle Time Comparison Table

  • Cycle Time Comparison Table shows how much cycle time can be saved by using a Spring Loaded Engraving Tool.
Tough Tip Engraving Tool for Steels

Engrave Stainless Steel w/ a Tough Tip Engraving Tool

  • Engrave Stainless Steel, Inconel, Hastelloy, Steels, Tool Steels, Hard Steels and many other hard materials.
Spring Loaded Engraving vs. Rigid Tool Engraving

Engraving Exampes

  • View examples of workpieces engraved with the Spring Loaded Engraving Tool.
Deburr, Polish and Buff with a Spring Loaded Tool

Deburr, Polish and Buff

  • Brushes, Polishing Wheels and many attachments can be used  can be used with a Spring Loaded Engraving Tool to Polish, Buff, and Deburr workpieces.
Engrave, Scribe with a Spring Loaded Engraving Tool

Engrave Glass, Stone, Ceramic Tile & more

  • Rotary Engrave, Scribe, Etch and Drag Engrave Glass, Stone, Tile and other hard materials using a Spring Loaded Engraving Tool and Diamond Tip Tool.
Engrave Fine Lines Using a Diamond Tip Tool

Drag and Scratch Engraving with a Spring Loaded Engraving Tool

  • Use a Diamond Tip Tool, or Carbide Point Engraving Tool Bit with a Spring Loaded Tool for drag engraving, scribing and etching.



Spring Loaded Engraving Tool ™ - See How it Works!

  • Engrave flat, curved and uneven surfaces, as well as dramatically reduce engraving cycle times when engraving with your CNC Machine.
  • This video is a demonstration of the set up and operation of the Standard Size (3/4″ Diameter) Spring Loaded Engraving Tool.
  • We produce 5 different diameter Spring Loaded Engraving Tools, in house, to fit virtually any CNC Machine.

Reduce Cycle Times using a Spring Loaded Engraving Tool ™

  • Engraving Cycle Times can be reduced significantly, up to 84%, when engraving using a Spring Loaded Tool and 2L Single Line Fonts.
  • The cycle time monitor in the 2L PRO Engraving Software demonstrates the reduction in engraving cycle times when using a Spring Loaded Engraving Tool compared to a rigid tool.
Engraving Software Tutorial Overview Video

Engraving Software Tutorial

  • The PRO Version of the 2L Engraving Software is a multi-layer engraving software program for CNC Machine Engraving that creates standard G-code nc files.
  • Engrave and edit logos and drawings, create detailed engraving layouts, draw shapes, import dxf files, engrave incrementing serial numbers, engrave text on a radius, monitor engraving cycle times, and more.