Thread Mills – Solid Carbide, nAlTiN+ Coated for Maximum Tool Strength

Mill Multiple Thread Pitches, Cut Internal and External Threads with Thread Mills

Thread Mills – Solid Carbide Thread Milling Cutters

Solid Carbide Thread Mill Tool for cutting internal and external threads.

Create multiple thread pitches with one tool.

No need to reverse the CNC Spindle.

Mill practically any material: from soft materials such as plastic, aluminum, brass, steel, to stainless steel, hard steel, cast iron, composites, and other hard materials.

  • Standard and Metric Sizes.
  • Coated with latest generation of nano AlTiN extra nanocomposites for wear and heat resistance.
  • Solid Carbide.
  • Manufactured in house.
  • 1,000s of tools in stock & ready to ship!

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  • Mill Multiple Thread Sizes and Pitch Ranges.
  • Thread Depths: from .250″ – 1.250″ and metric 6.35 mm – 21 mm.
  • Solid Carbide: Produced from premium, ultra-fine nano grade carbide for maximum tool strength.
  • Coated with latest generation of nano AlTiN extra nanocomposites for wear and heat resistance.

Custom Tools are produced in house with quick turn around.
If you do not see a size you are looking for Contact Us or send us a Custom Tool Request.

Use for Rotary Applications with:

  • CNC Milling Machines.
  • Routers.
  • Lathes & more.
Thread Milling Cutters

Thread Mills

Thread Mills are used for Cutting Internal and External Threads

Thread SizePitch RangeCutter Dia.Max Thread DepthNeck Dia.Tip FlatFlutesOLShank Dia.Part No.Price (ea.)Buy
440-640.080"0.250"0.040"0.0021"22.0".125" (1/8")TM4-250-1A$36.20

440-640.080"0.500"0.040"0.0021"22.0".125" (1/8")TM4-500-1A$37.20

440-640.080"0.625"0.040"0.0021"22.0".125" (1/8")TM4-625-1A$39.25

632-640.098"0.375"0.050"0.0025"42.0".125" (1/8")TM6-375-1A$36.20

640-640.080"0.625"0.040"0.0021"22.0".125" (1/8")TM6-625-1A$39.25

632-640.098"0.750"0.050"0.0025"42.0".125" (1/8")TM6-750-1A$43.20

832-560.120"0.500"0.070"0.0028"42.0".1875" (3/16")TM8-500-1A$37.20

832-560.120"0.750"0.070"0.0028"42.0".1875" (3/16")TM8-750-1A$39.15

832-560.120"0.875"0.070"0.0028"42.0".1875" (3/16")TM8-875-1A$43.20

1024-560.135"0.500"0.070"0.0028"42.5".250" (1/4")TM10-500-1A$38.20

1024-560.135"0.875"0.070"0.0028"42.5".250" (1/4")TM10-875-1A$39.15

1024-560.135"1.125"0.070"0.0028"42.5".250" (1/4")TM10-1125-1A$44.25

1/4"18-560.180"0.750"0.115"0.0028"42.5".250" (1/4")TM14-750-1A$38.20

1/4"18-560.180"1.250"0.115"0.0028"42.5".250" (1/4")TM14-1250-1A$44.10

5/16"16-480.240"0.750"0.160"0.0028"42.5".250" (1/4")TM516-750-1A$38.20

5/16"16-480.240"1.250"0.160"0.0028"42.5".250" (1/4")TM516-1250-1A$44.10

M2.5.35-.501.9 mm (.075")6.35 mm (.250")1.14 mm (.044").05 mm (.002")250 mm (1.97")6 mm (.236")TMM2.5-635-1A$36.20

M3.40-.602.3 mm (.090")6.8 mm (.268")1.38 mm (.054").05 mm (.002")450 mm (1.97")6 mm (.236")TMM3-68-1A$36.20

M4.45-.803.0 mm (.118")9 mm (.354")1.8 mm (.071").07 mm (.0028")450 mm (1.97")6 mm (.236")TMM4-9-1A$37.10

M5.45-1.004.0 mm (.157")12 mm (.472")2.4 mm (.094").07 mm (.0028")450 mm (1.97")6 mm (.236")TMM5-12-1A$37.10

M6.50-1.254.8 mm (.189")14 mm (.551")2.88 mm (.113").076 mm (.003")450 mm (1.97")6 mm (.236")TMM6-14-1A$37.10

M8-M14.50-2.006.0 mm (.236")21 mm (.827")3.6 mm (.142").076 mm (.003")475 mm (2.95")6 mm (.236")TMM814-21-1A$39.25

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