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Composite Engraving Tools:  Pyramid Shaped Engraving Tools for Composites, Modern Composites, Laminated Honeycomb, Carbon and Glass Fiber & More

Engrave Plated Materials Prone to Chipping, Create a Smooth Burnished Appearance on Plated Parts with Engraving Tools for Composites

Engraving Tools for Composites, Laminated Honeycomb, More

Composite Engraving tools are Pyramid shaped, multi-faceted tools for composites, used to engrave Composites and other difficult to engrave materials.

  • Engrave and mark Composite materials: Modern Composites, Honeycomb Materials, Carbon Fiber, Glass Fiber, Graphite, Abrasive Materials, PCB Boards, Copper, Epoxy, and Wood Composites.
  • Engrave plated materials prone to chipping: Hard coat Anodized Aluminum, Electroless Nickel plating on Aluminum or Steel.
  • These Engraving Tools for Composites can also be used to create a smooth burnished appearance on plated materials to show the base material underneath plating.
  • Solid Carbide.
  • Manufactured in house.
  • 1,000s of tools in stock & ready to ship!

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  • Tool Shank Diameter: 3/16″.
  • Tip Widths: .010″, .020″, .030″ & .040″.
  • Included Angles: 45°, 60° & 90°.
  • Overall Length: 2.0″.
  • Solid Carbide: Produced from premium, ultra-fine nano grade carbide for maximum tool strength.

A Spring Loaded Engraving Tool is recommended when using a Composite Tool but is not required.

Custom Tools are produced in house with quick turn around.
If you do not see a size you are looking for Contact Us or send us a Custom Tool Request.

Use for Rotary Engraving & Drag/Scratch Engraving with:

  • CNC Milling Machines.
  • Routers.
  • 2L Spring Loaded Engraving Tools.
  • Engraving Machines.
  • Industrial Marking Systems.
Engraving Tools for Composites, Laminated Honeycomb, Carbon Fiber
Engrave Composite Materials
Composite Engraving Tool