Mini Boring Bars – Premium Solid Carbide for Maximum Strength

Bore Holes, Enlarge or Finish the Inside Diameter of a Workpiece with Boring Bars

Mini Boring Bars: Bore, Finish Circular Holes, Solid Carbide

Mini Boring Bars are used to bore, enlarge or finish the inside diameter of a workpiece.

Round neck for maximum rigidity and less deflection.

Use to create micro small size bore diameters from .040” up to .120”.

The Boring Bar cutting tip is ground to a sharp corner which is effective for boring tough to machine, hard materials.

Machine a wide range of materials: Cast Iron and Stainless Steel, as well as Plastic, Aluminum, Brass and Wood.

  • Solid Carbide: premium ulra-fine, submicron, nano grade Carbide.
  • Manufactured in house.
  • 1,000s of tools in stock.
  • Same day shipping.

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  • Minimum Bore Diameters:  .040″, .060″, .080″, .100″ and .120″..
  • Bore Depths: .250″ and .500″.
  • Tool Shank Diameter:  .125″ (1/8″).
  • Overall Length:  2.0″.
  • Solid Carbide:  Produced from premium, ultra-fine nano grade carbide for maximum tool strength.

Custom Tools are produced in house with quick turn around.
If you do not see a size you are looking for Contact Us or send us a Custom Tool Request.

Use for Machining, Cutting & Milling:

  • CNC Milling Machines
  • Lathes
  • Routers
  • Drill Press Machines
Boring Bars Enlarge or Finish Inside Diameter of Workpiece
Min. Bore Dia.Bore DepthShank Dia.OLPart NumberPrice (each)Buy
.040".250".125" (1/8")2.0"BB-125x2.0-.040-.25$17.50


.040".500".125" (1/8")2.0"BB-125x2.0-.040-.50$17.50


.060".250".125" (1/8")2.0"BB-125x2.0-.060-.25$17.50


.060".500".125" (1/8")2.0"BB-125x2.0-.060-.50$17.50


.080".250".125" (1/8")2.0"BB-125x2.0-.080-.25$17.50


.080".500".125" (1/8")2.0"BB-125x2.0-.080-.50$17.50


.100".250".125" (1/8")2.0"BB-125x2.0-.100-.25$17.50


.100".500".125" (1/8")2.0"BB-125x2.0-.100-.50$17.50


.120".250".125" (1/8")2.0"BB-125x2.0-.120-.25$17.50


.120".500".125" (1/8")2.0"BB-125x2.0-.120-.50$17.50


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