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CNC Dot Peen Marking Tool for High Speed Dot Peen Marking
Dramatically Improve Cycle Times

Produce Permanent Dots on Uneven Work Surfaces with the 2L CNC Dot Peen Marking Tool

CNC Dot Peen Marking Tool For High Speed Dot Peen Marking

The 2L CNC Dot Peen Marking Tool Produces permanent dots or pin marks using the rotating spindle of a CNC machine. It generates a succession of dots that appear as a line.

The spring loaded design of the CNC Dot Peen Marking Tool compensates for variations in the surface height of approximately 0.100″ (2.5 mm).

With the 2L CNC Dot Peen Marking Tool you can perform high speed marking as fast as the CNC machine can move.

  • Integrated Collet allows quick tool bit changes without removing the tool from the machine.
  • Using the easily replaceable solid carbide dot peen tool bits, mark practically any material.
  • Produce Dot Peen marks on many materials, from soft plastics and aluminum to hardened steels.
  • Use stronger strength springs to apply additional pressure to the Dot Peen Tool Bit, typically on harder materials..
  • Program using standard engraving software or use the included 2L Engraving Software Programs.
  • Each CNC Dot Peen Marking Tool includes the FREE 2L PRO Light Engraving Software Download Program  with eleven Single Line Engraving Font is included.

CNC Dot Peen Marking Tool Video
CNC Dot Peen Tool Dimensions

CNC Dot Peen Marking Tool

Operating Notes

  • Spindle Speed Operation Range:  500-1,000 RPM.
  • Maximum Recommended Spindle Speed:  1,000 RPM.

The CNC Dot Peen Tool System Requires 3 Components

1.  CNC Dot Peen Marking Tool Assembly (#11405), which includes:

  • 3/4″ Diameter CNC Dot Peen Tool,
  • Light Tension Spring (#10045),
  • Medium Tension Spring (#10046),
  • Solid Carbide Dot Peen Tool Bit (DP-1875-2.0-90-.005) which has a 90 degree included angle and .005″ tip off,
  • 3/16″ Interior Collet (#10874),
  • Collet Nut Wrenches.

Note: The Medium Tension Spring is installed in the Tool.

2.  Arm Assembly, 3 Sizes Available:

  • 55 mm OL (#11406),
  • 65 mm OL (#11407),
  • 80 mm OL (#11408).
See the above dimension image for Arm Assembly length measurements.


3.  Stop Block, 2 Sizes Available:

  • Small Stop Block (#11409),
  • Large Stop Block (#11410).
To determine which size Stop Block will best fit your CNC Machine
Download the template here.

Dot Peen Tool Bits are required for marking. Many size options are available. Purchase below.

Use different strength Springs to produce marks on a wide range of materials. Mark Soft Plastics, Aluminum to Hard Steels.  Purchase Springs and accessories.

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Solid Carbide Dot Peen Marking Tool Bits