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Ball Nose End Mills for Aluminum with Sharp Cutting Edges 

Ball Nose End Mills for Aluminum – Produce Excellent Surface Finish When Cutting Aluminum, Brass and Soft, Gummy Materials

Ball Nose End Mills For Aluminum, Brass, Soft Materials

Solid Carbide Ball End Mills produces a radius cut when machining and cutting Aluminum and other soft gummy materials.

Slow 20° Helix reduces workpiece lifting and creates a fine finish.

Sharp cutting edges allow higher feedrates and produces an excellent surface finish when cutting Aluminum and soft materials.

  • Center cutting for straight plunging or ramping down into workpiece.
  • Single Flute: allows maximum chip clearance for chip evacuation.
  • 2 Flutes: allow for higher feedrates than Single Flute End Mills but still provide for a large amount of chip clearance to prevent chips from sticking or packing in the flutes.
  • 3 Flutes: allow the highest feedrate but have less chip clearance space than Single or 2 Flute End Mills.
  • CNC qualified.
  • Standard and metric sizes.
  • Solid Carbide.
  • Manufactured in house.
  • 1,000s of tools in stock.
  • Same day shipping.

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  • Cutter Diameters:  .050″ – .500″ (1/2″)  and metric sizes 1.5 mm – 6 mm.
  • Tool Shank Diameters:  .125″ (1/8″) – .500″ (1/2″) and metric 6mm.
  • Solid Carbide:  Produced from premium, ultra-fine nano grade carbide for maximum tool strength.

Custom Tools are produced in house with quick turn around.
If you do not see a size you are looking for Contact Us or send us a Custom Tool Request.

Use for Machining, Cutting & Milling:

  • CNC Milling Machines.
  • Lathes.
  • Routers.
Ball Nose End Mills for Aluminum