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Portable Oil Free Electric Vacuum Pump Accessories and Replacement Items

Vacuum Filter, Gauge, Adjustable Vacuum Pressure Switches, Repair Kit: 2L Portable Electric Vacuum Pump Accessories

Portable Electric Vacuum Pump Accessories, Replacement Items

Accessories and replacement items for the 2L Portable, Oil-Free Electric Vacuum Pump System.

Items include: Adjustable Vacuum Pressure Switches, Vacuum Filter, Vacuum Gauge, O-rings, End Cap Assembly, Vacuum Pump Repair Kit, and more.

The 2L Portable Electric Vacuum Pump is used for Vacuum Workholding, Fixturing, and Vacuum Forming. It can be used with the 2L 8″ x 12″ Modular Vacuum Chucks and Large Scale Vacuum Chucks as well as many other high production vacuum workholding applications and environments.

View the 2L Portable Electric Vacuum Pump here.

Full Details - Portable Oil Free Electric Vacuum Pump

Portable Oil-Free Electric Vacuum Pump for vacuum workholding, fixturing and vacuum forming.

  • Use with 2L Large Vacuum Chucks, Modular Vacuum Chucks and many workholding and fixturing applications.
  • Maintenance free oil free vacuum pump system designed for high production environments.
  • Max. vacuum 26” Hg.
  • 10 CFM Vacuum Pump.
  • 10.5 Gallon Steel Tank with Wheels, Handle, and a Bottom Drain.
  • 3/8” NPT connection.
  • Maintenance free 3/4 hp Oilless Vacuum Pump Motor.
  • Vacuum Gauge with 2” diameter dial, Steel Case and Plastic Lens.
  • Automatic adjustable Vacuum Switch allows for auto on/off at a set vacuum.
  • Includes a large visible inlet filter to remove coolant and debris.
  • Accommodates a 1,200 sq. in. sealed Vacuum Chuck.
  • 110 VAC / 9.2A power connection.

This Electric Vacuum Pump operates similar in principal to a Standard Air Compressor.

  • The Automatic Vacuum Switch controls the operation of the Vacuum Pump.
  • As the vacuum level drops in the storage tank, the Vacuum Switch turns the Vacuum Pump on until the upper limit of the vacuum is reached.
  • After the upper limit of the vacuum is reached the Vacuum Pump shuts off.
  • Similar to a Standard Air Compressor, the Automatic Electric Vacuum Pump cycles on and off as needed, automatically.
  • Automatic on-off allows the Vacuum Pump to be left unattended for periods of time.
  • The vacuum level switch is adjustable so the maximum level of the vacuum may be adjusted if necessary.