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Downcut End Mills For Plastic and Wood

Prevent Workpiece Lifting and Create a Burr Free Finish When Machining Wood or Plastic with Downcut End Mills

Plastic and Wood Cutting End Mills

Downcut End Mills Prevent Workpiece Lifting

Plastic and Wood Cutting End Mills - Downcut

Downcut End Mills for Plastic and Wood for Burr Free Finish

News Release: November 14, 2018, 2:00 pm EST

2L inc., located in Hudson, Massachusetts manufactures Solid Carbide Downcut Style End Mills.

Downcut Style End Mills incorporate a helix opposite that of Square End Mills or drills. The tools utilize a standard right hand cutting edge but contain a left handed spiral helix. This left handed helix provides for a downward cutting action which pushes burrs downward to improve the appearance of the workpiece top edge.

This also prevents the lifting of workpieces being held in a vise on a vacuum chuck and is critical when thin sheet metal components are machined which can be bent or easily damaged. Pushing the chips and burrs downward prevents chipping of the top surface of the workpiece. This is especially important when cutting various types of wood.

These Downcut End Mills utilize a higher than normal rake angle to create a super sharp cutting edge which also helps provide a burr free finish when machining wood and plastics. 2L Downcut End Mills are available with one or two flutes, with cutter diameters of .031″-.500″. Many sizes are in stock, and ready to ship!

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