Speeds and Feeds Calculator for End Mills

Folow the Below Steps to Download the Speeds and Feeds Calculator

Install the 2L Speeds and Feeds Calculator:

  1. Close all other programs before beginning installation.
  2. >>>Click Here<<< to begin your download. Approximate file size: 26MB.
  3. Run the program to install.
  4. Step through the simple installation wizard.
  5. After installation a 2L Icon will be placed on your computer desktop to use the program.
  6. Terms of Use and Operating Notes apply to the installation of this program (review below).

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End Mills - Solid Carbide
Speed and Feed Calculator
Speed and Feed Calculator

Terms of Use and Operating Notes:

  • The 2L Speeds and Feeds calculator can quickly convert ipm to rpm.
  • When Engraving, Milling and Drilling, WE RECOMMEND USE OF COOLANT.
  • This program is an informational reference tool only and is supplied at no charge.
  • Therefore there is NO technical assistance available for this program.
  • Please do not contact 2L for information regarding use of the program.
  • It is up to the user to verify the accuracy of the information provided by this program prior to using the information with your CNC machine.
  • 2L is not responsible for any damages or costs incurred as a result of using this program.
  • As with all machining it is the users responsibility to take appropriate safety precautions.