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Speeds and Feeds Calculator for End Mills and Engraving Tools – Free

Calculate Machining Feeds and Speeds and Display Engraving Line Widths for Different Angles, Tip Widths, and Depths.

The Free Speed and Feed Calculator is a small simple to use Windows program that assists calculating spindle speed and feedrate for engraving tools, end mills, and drills. The free program also performs calculations to display line width of conical engraving tools with different angles and tip widths at different depths.  It does not require an internet connection to use the program and no other items such as usage or tracking cookies are installed with the program.

To Install the 2L Speeds and Feeds Calculator:

  1. Close all other programs before beginning installation.
  2. >>>Click Here<<< to begin your download. Approximate file size: 50MB.
  3. Run the program to install.
  4. Step through the simple installation wizard.
  5. After installation a 2L Icon will be placed on your computer desktop to use the program.
  6. Terms of Use and Operating Notes apply to the installation of this program (review below).

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End Mills - Solid Carbide
Speed and Feed Calculator
Speed and Feed Calculator

Terms of Use and Operating Notes:

  • The completely free 2L Speeds and Feeds calculator can quickly convert feed per tooth in ipr or mm/min to rpm for single or multiple flute tools.  The free program also displays the line width of a conical engraving tool when different angles, line widths, and depths are entered.
  • When Engraving, Milling and Drilling, WE RECOMMEND USE OF COOLANT.
  • This program is an informational reference tool only and is supplied at no charge.  Therefore there is no technical assistance available for this program.
  • It is up to the user to verify the accuracy of the information provided by this program prior to using the information with your CNC machine.
  • 2L is not responsible for any damages or costs incurred as a result of using this program.
  • As with all machining it is the users responsibility to take appropriate safety precautions.