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Extended Toolholder Holds 1/8″ Cutting Tools – Now Available

6.0″ Extended Toolholder Increases Reach of Tool Bit and Allows Cutting/Machining Into Areas With Limited Space

Extended Toolholder
Extended Reach Tool Holder

News Release: January 3, 2011, 1:00 pm EST

Source 2L inc. – Hudson, Massachusetts. 2L inc. announced today that it is accepting orders for its’ new Extended Toolholder.

The Extended Toolholder is used when an extra long tool is needed to reach into deep cavities or pockets and where larger diameter collet holding devices will not allow getting close enough to the cavity or pocket walls.

It is 6.0″ in overall length and holds 1/8″ diameter tool bits. Its’ small 3/8″ shank diameter allows the machinist to easily control how far the toolholder extends from the collet. Tool bits and cutting tools are easily changed from the front of the toolholder without the need to remove the toolholder from the machine spindle.

The Extended Toolholder is produced in Hardened Steel for durability.

The Extended Toolholder is in stock and can be purchased direct from 2L inc. and on their website www.2Linc.com

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