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Carbide Pointed Engraving Tools Engrave Text in Sizes of 0.030″ and Larger Now In Stock

Solid Carbide Pointed Engraving Tool for Extremely Fine, Small Engraving

Engrave .030" Letters with a Carbide Pointed Engraving Tool
Carbide Point Scribe Engraving Tool
Carbide Point Engraving Tool

News Release: Friday, December 18, 2009 12:00 pm EST

Source 2L inc., Hudson, Massachusetts – 2L inc. announced today it has expanded its’ engraving tool line and is now offering the new Carbide Point Engraving Tool for extremely small or fine engraving.

The Carbide Point Engraving Tool has been developed to meet the needs of companies requiring very small or fine engraving of numbers, text and lines and is for use with the patented Spring Loaded Engraving Tools from 2L. “The Carbide Point Engraving Tool produces a very fine line on practically any material” stated the company spokesman.

“It can be used on a wide variety of hard and soft materials such as glass, stone, ceramic, stainless steels and granite as well as aluminum, plastic and brass,” he continued. “It can be rotated in a machine spindle or held stationary for drag engraving and is especially useful for very small letters where a very fine marking is desired”.
Carbide Point Engraving Tool for engraving small letters

“In our own testing using the Carbide Point Tool, 2L has successfully engraved letters 0.030″ (0.76 mm) tall with a Spring Loaded Engraving Tool on both steel and aluminum.”

“Particularly in the aerospace and automotive markets, we are finding the need for extremely fine marking capabilities and we are very pleased to offer this solution to our customers”, he finalized.

The Carbide Point Engraving Tool is made of 2L’s super strong, sub-micron grade solid carbide. Standard engraving tool sizes available are 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/16″, 11/64″, 4 mm and 6 mm diameters with angles of 90 and 120 degrees.
Close up – Carbide Point Engraving Tool for engraving small letters

It is designed for use with the 2L Spring Loaded Engraving Tools for cnc machine engraving.

2L inc.’s Engraving and Workholding product lines continue to grow, offering superior quality products made in Hudson, Massachusetts, USA.

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