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CAD/CAM Engraving Software Programs are Now Available

PRO 1 and PRO 2 Engraving Software Programs are full featured, simple to use drawing programs

2L PRO Engraving Software Programs Engrave Letters, Lines, Serial Numbers, Logos
Engrave Text, Serial Numbers, 2D Data Matrix Barcodes
Engrave on a Radius
3D Surface Engraving

News Release: Monday, October 12, 2009. 12:00 pm EST.

Source 2L inc. – Hudson, Massachusetts. 2L inc. announced today that it is accepting orders for its’ new PRO 1 and PRO 2 CAD/CAM Engraving Software Programs.

The PRO 1 and PRO 2 Engraving Software Programs are full featured, simple to use drawing programs that produce standard G-code nc files that are compatible with virtually any cnc controller.

PRO 1 and PRO 2 Engraving Software

Both programs allow creating precise engraving layouts using multiple fonts, drawn shapes, lines and incremental serial numbers. The engraving layouts can be precisely located using reference geometry or guidelines, control the text orientation, alignment, spacing and size of multiple instances of text.

The new Cycle Time Monitor feature can assist in evaluating and improving engraving cycle times by changing engraving parameters such as font selection and feedrates. One of 2L’s popular Single Line Engraving Fonts is also included with each software program to help reduce cycle time.

The PRO 2 Engraving Software Program adds an additional element to the PRO 1 features, providing 4th axis engraving capability which easily wraps the engraving around a cylinder for 4 axis rotary cnc milling machines or multi-axis lathes.

“We are very pleased to expand our engraving software programs and respond to our customers requests for simple to use programs that address challenging engraving opportunities”, stated the company spokesman. “Our two new programs offer simple solutions not only for the daily straightforward engraving jobs, but for very difficult engraving such as 4 axis engraving,” added the spokesman. “We have found that programming 4th Axis engraving is one of the most daunting engraving processes our customers face and the PRO 2 – 4th axis software makes the process easy to understand and program” he finalized.

Demonstration videos of 2L’s Engraving Software Programs are available on the company’s web site www.2Linc.com.

2L’s Engraving and Workholding product lines continue to grow, offering superior quality products made in Hudson, Massachusetts, USA.

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