Springs for the 3/4″ & 20 mm Spring Loaded Engraving Tools

Springs Apply Pressure to the Tool Bit for Greater Depths of Cut

Springs for the Standard Spring Loaded Engraving Tools

  • These Springs are for use with the 3/4″ and 20 mm diameter Spring Loaded Engraving Tools.
  • Springs provide force against the tool bit.
  • Stronger Springs apply greater force to the Tool Bit tip.
  • Additional Spring force affects depth of cut and tool life.
  • A Light Tension Spring is included with each Spring Loaded Engraving Tool and is typically used for general engraving of Plastic, Brass, Aluminum, and mild Steels.
  • An Extra Light Spring can be used to apply less force when engraving very soft Plastics.
  • A Medium, Heavy, Extra-Heavy, or Extra-Extra Heavy Spring can be used to obtain greater depth of cut on Steels, Stainless Steel, Tool Steels, and many other hard materials.
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