Low Profile Adjustable Hex Workstops & Edge Clamps

Securely Hold a Wide Range of Worpiece Sizes

Adjustable Workstops and Edge Clamps

These Low profile Workstops and Edge Clamps are used when clearance is needed for low profile machining.

Hold a wide range of unique size, height parts, circular and thin workpieces.

  • Low Profile Adjustable Workstops and Edge Clamps.
  • Use with 2L Vacuum Chucks and many workholding, pallet or fixturing applications & equipment.
  • Tighten the standard flathead screw to move the Edge Clamp toward the workpiece.
  • Numbered locations allow for repeatable setup.
  • Low profile for maximum clearance.
  • Black oxide steel construction.
  • A 1/4”-20 screw is included with each Workstop and Edge Clamp.
  • Use with 2L Modular Pallet System, Modular Vacuum Chucks, Large Vacuum Chucks or many workholding and fixturing systems

* The Adjustable Workstops and Edge Clamps are covered by U.S. Patent 8011648,

Click Image to EnlargeNamePart No.Price (each)Buy
Adjustable Hex WorkstopAdjustable Hex Workstop10247$19.00


Adjustable Hex Workstop
Adjustable Edge ClampAdjustable Edge Clamp10248$22.00


Adjustable Edge Clamp
Adjustable Corner Edge ClampAdjustable Corner Edge Clamp10272$28.00


Adjustable Corner Edge Clamp
Adjustable Thin Corner Edge ClampAdjustable Thin Corner Edge Clamp10273$32.00


Adjustable Thin Corner Edge Clamp
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