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Armor Mills for Machining Granite, Armor Plate, And Other Hard Materials

Solid Carbide Armor Mill Tools for Milling and Drilling Granite, Armor Plate, High Speed Steel are Now Available for Immediate Delivery

New Product Press Release - October, 2008

Armor Mill Solid Carbide Tool for machining armorplate, granite, stone, hardened steel, and more. Select for pricing and tool sizes available.

News Release: Friday, October 24, 2008 12:00 pm EST.

Source 2L inc. - Hudson, Massachusetts. 2L inc. announced today that it is accepting orders for its' Solid Carbide Armor Mill Cutting Tools.

Armor Mills can be used for machining hard materials such as granite, armor plate, hardened steel, stone, brick and more.  The Armor Mill has a shape similar to a flat End Mill but allows milling of hard materials not possible using Square End Mills.  It has a center-cutting design which also allows the tool to also be used for drilling.

Armor Mill for machining granite, armor plate, hardened steel and more. Select for pricing and tool sizes available.

"The introduction of this tool opens up a whole new market to the job shop industry" stated the company spokesman. "Machining intricate patterns and engraving in Granite countertops, floor tiles, and other household items is now possible without the need for the specialized artistic skill required with sandblasting or hand carving techniques. Machine shops can utilize the CAM software they already have or use simple engraving software such as the 2L Engraving Software to produce a multitude of products which can be used in the construction industry".

"The need for cutting tools that can successfully machine extremely difficult metals such as armor plate, and hardened steel as well as granite and stone has been rising significantly. We are pleased to offer our customers an in-stock tool selection that meets these needs", he added.

2L Solid Carbide Armor Mills are currently available in diameters from 0.078" to .500".

Armor Mills and Armor Drills, as well as the full line of 2L Engraving Tools, End Mills and Cutting Tools can be used with cnc milling machines and other industrial machining equipment.

2L inc.'s Solid Carbide Engraving and Cutting Tool line continues to grow. We proudly offer quality, precision-made tools, made on our own fully-automated equipment, in our facility in Hudson, Massachusetts USA.

Please refer all inquiries to: 2L inc., 4 Kane Industrial Drive, Hudson, MA 01749, (978)567-8867, website:

About 2L inc.: Since 1998, 2L inc. has been designing, developing, and manufacturing innovative tools and product solutions for the manufacturing, engraving and industrial markets.



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