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A New Version of the Engraving 2L CAM Software is Released

A New Version of the Engraving 2L CAM Software is Released For Programming CNC Milling Type Machines

News Release: October 9, 2004

Hudson, MA, October 9, 2004  -  2L, inc. today announced the release of a new version of Engraving Software Programs for cnc milling type machines.

2L Engraving Software is available for use with their patented Spring Loaded Engraving Tool OR the Engraving 2L CAM Software may be used with other engraving or cnc machines.

The 2L Engraving Software features include:

  • Converts text in any font and size into standard g code.
  • Engraves text, logos, pictures and drawings.
  • Creates incremental serial numbers in any font or size.
  • Run other machining programs before or after each serial number is engraved.
  • Text can be rotated, aligned, mirrored, and the spacing between letters, words and lines of text can be controlled.
  • Produces generic g-code nc programs that are compatible with any cnc control that recognizes G0 and G1 commands.
  • Import and scale DXF files for engraving logos, pictures and drawings.
  • Export text as a DXF file for use in other CAD/CAM software programs.
  • Operates using inches or mm.

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