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Engrave on a CNC Machine

Engrave on a CNC Machine Using the Spring Loaded Engraving Tool

News Release: American Machinist Magazine, September, 2003

Hudson, MA - A simple kit lets shops inexpensively add engraving capabilities to a CNC mill, reports its’ manufacturer, 2L inc. of Hudson, Mass. The company has packaged its Spring Loaded Engraving Tool, which fits into a standard 3/4" collet or end-mill holder along with a solid-carbide engraving tool bit, collet nut wrench, and engraving software.

According to the company, the Engraving Tool clearly marks tough jobs, such as parts that vary slightly in size from piece to piece or serial numbers on round pipe. It does this by providing constant pressure to the engraving tool bit as it moves over the surface being engraved. The tool bit floats back and forth within the toolholder to compensate for uneven surfaces. The result is a tool that engraves on flat, curved, and uneven surfaces without the need for time-consuming setups.

American Machinist highlights 2L Spring Loaded Engraving Tool

Spring Loaded Engraving Tool

The tool uses standard engraving tool bits with diameters from 1/8" to 1/4". Non rotating diamond-tip engraving tools can also be used for drag or scratch engraving. An integrated collet holder permits quick changes of engraving tool bits without having to remove the toolholder.

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