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Variable Speed Oil Skimmer System For Flexible Removal Of Coolant Contaminates

Adjustable Speed Motor And Inexpensive Design Provide Effective Contaminate Removal At Lower Operating Cost

News Release: Friday, March 17, 2006 1:00 pm EST

Source 2L inc. - Hudson, Massachusetts - 2L inc. announced today that it will unveil its’ improved Variable Speed Oil Skimmer at the EASTEC 2006 Exposition & Conference, being held from May 23-25, 2006. The Variable Speed Oil Skimmer easily attaches to lathes, CNC milling machines, oil drums, tanks, and a large variety of part washers. The Variable Speed Oil Skimmer fits into a 55 gallon drum and can be used with a variety of different belt and bar kits to reduce the cost of multiple applications.

According to the company spokesman, "The 2L inc. Variable Speed Oil Skimmer has adjustable motor speeds ranging from 4-45 RPM which varies the amount of oil being removed from coolant. We have found that typical operation removes approximately 2.5 quarts of oil per hour from coolant, however as you increase or decrease the motor speed, you can affect the amount of coolant removed. "

He added, "The Oil Skimmer has a hearty construction of aluminum and steel. The motor housing is sealed to prevent splashed liquids from damaging the motor. This extends the life of the product and allows for long-term operation in harsh and dirty environments."

"While the Variable Speed Oil Skimmer was designed for easy assembly and relocation it can also be permanently attached to machines." "The flexibility we provide in purchasing one system with a variety of interchangeable belt and support bar kits allows shop operators the opportunity to keep their costs as low as possible while extending the usefulness of their coolants."

The Variable Speed Oil Skimmer System can be purchased as an in-stock item in a variety of lengths and includes a 12VDC enclosed motor, an 110 VAC variable speed wall adapter, a 6 foot cord set, top and bottom pulleys, an adjustable mounting clamp, 2 feet of discharge hosing, a polyurethane belt, and support bar.

To see the Variable Speed Oil Skimmer in operation, stop by Booth # 5461 in Building #5 at the Eastern States Exposition Center in Springfield, MA beginning on May 23rd.

Please refer all inquiries to the Marketing Department at:
2L inc.
P.O. Box 105
Hudson, MA 01749

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