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PRO Engraving Software Programs Add Photo Importing Features

2L inc. PRO Engraving Software Program with added Photograph Importing Features are now available.

News Release: Monday, February 1, 2010 4:00 pm EST.

2L inc. PRO Engraving Software Program with added Photograph Importing Features are now available.

Source 2L inc. - Hudson, Massachusetts. 2L inc. announced today that the PRO CAD/CAM Engraving Software Program now imports bitmap files or photographs and converts them into lines which can be engraved.

Image and Photo Edit Features PRO software

All three versions of the PRO Engraving Software now incorporate this bitmap importing and editing feature. PRO 1 is used with standard 3 axis cnc machines, PRO 2 for 4 axis cnc milling machines and multi-axis lathes, and PRO 3 which allows engraving 2D Data Matrix Barcodes on 3 or 4 axis cnc machines.

The bitmap importing and editing feature allows the user to import JPG, BMP and GIF bitmap images and convert them into lines which can be engraved. The amount of detail that is converted into lines is easily controlled and the imported lines can be edited to provide for the exact output desired. Other items can be engraved along with the imported photos including incremental serial numbers, text, lines, shapes, and imported DXF files. The newly created line drawing of the bitmap file can be exported as a DXF file for use in other CAM systems.


Engrave Complex Pictures

"We are very pleased to continue expanding the capabilities of our engraving software programs and are excited to offer companies the potential to be more competitive in these changing markets, while saving time and money", stated the company spokesman.

"The addition of the bitmap importing and editing feature allows machine shops and manufacturers to quickly import logos and designs into the software for engraving. Many companies' logos were originally designed with graphic arts software and are very difficult to convert into geometry which can be engraved or machined. With this bitmap importing feature, companies can avoid the need to send out their logos to expensive bitmap to vector conversion firms. This operation can be performed in-house in minutes, saving the companies a significant amount of time and money", he added.

"In this current business environment every time saving advantage the typical machine shop can find will expand their opportunities and directly add to their bottom line", the spokesman finalized.

The PRO 1, 2, and 3 Engraving Software Programs are full featured, simple to use drawing programs that produce standard G-code nc files that are compatible with virtually any cnc controller. This brings the ability to produce both simple and detailed engraving into the reach of any machine shop or manufacturing facility that uses cnc equipment.

Demonstration videos of 2L's Engraving Software Programs are available on the company's web site

2L's Engraving and Workholding product lines continue to grow, offering superior quality products made in Hudson, Massachusetts, USA.

Please refer all inquiries to: 2L inc., 4 Kane Industrial Drive, Hudson, MA 01749, (978)567-8867, website:

About 2L inc.: Since 1998 2L inc. has been designing, developing and manufacturing innovative tools and product solutions for the manufacturing, engraving and industrial markets.



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