Glass Engraving with a Spring Loaded Engraving Tool™

Rotary Engrave, Scribe, Etch and Drag Engrave using a Spring Loaded Engraving Tool and Diamond Tip Tool

2L Spring Loaded Engraving Tools can be used for rotary engraving and drag engraving with a Diamond Tip Engraving Tool to Engrave Glass, Stone, Granite, Ceramic Tile and other hard and brittle materials without chipping or breaking the workpiece.

The Diamond Tip Engraving Tool will leave a very fine and shallow engraved line.

As the engraving tool dulls or wears it floats over the work-piece and produces less of a mark without causing damage.

Tools used to engrave this piece of Glass Engraving:

  • Material: Glass
  • Spring Loaded Engraving Tool
  • Light Spring
  • Diamond Engraving Tool
  • Spindle Rotating at 3000 rpm
  • Feedrate: 18 ipm

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* The 2L Spring Loaded Engraving Tool is covered by U.S. Patents 6,834,434, 7,093,368, and 7,607,871.
Engrave, Scribe with a Spring Loaded Engraving Tool