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Engraving Software - Full Version CAM Program

Full Version Engraving Software - Engrave Text, Logos, Pictures, Drawings, and Incrementing Serial Numbers.

Basic 3 Axis CAM Engraving Software - Full Version 2L Software

FULL Version Software Program

The Full Version of the 2L Engraving Software is an engraving software for CNC Milling Machines that creates standard G-code files which allow you to engrave text, logos, pictures, drawings and creates incrementing serial numbers. 
  • The Full Version of the 2L Engraving Software Program is a single layer engraving software program.  The features performed above are each set up separately with individual g-code programs. To perform these functions together in one program, with many additional features, see any of the PRO Engraving Software Programs.
  • The CNC programming software for engraving allows you to program a CNC mill by producing standard g-code from any windows true type fonts.
  • It converts text in any font and size into standard g-code for programming a CNC milling machine.
  • The g-code programs produced use only G0 and G1 moves to ensure CNC control compatibility, no other nc codes are necessary for engraving.
  • Produces generic g-code nc programs that are compatible with any CNC control that recognizes G0 and G1 commands. 
  • The output CNC g-code is saved as a text file (.nc) that may be edited with notepad or other text editor.
  • Engraves Logos, Pictures and Drawings - Import and scale DXF files.
  • Creates Incrementing Serial Numbers in any font or size.
  • The font, size, depth of engraving, feedrates and origin location are all easily modified.
  • Single or multiple lines of text may be entered into the program.
  • A 2L single line (stick type) engraving font is included.  Additional 2L Single Line Engraving Fonts are available separately that will function with the 2L Engraving Software Programs.
  • Compatible with any CNC control that recognizes G0 and G1 commands.
  • Create standard 3 axis g-code output.
  • Engrave any font and size.
  • Use any combination of uppercase, lowercase or special characters. The Characters are converted into outlines.
  • Enter one or multiple lines of text.
  • A 2L single line engraving font (stick type font) is automatically installed with the engraving program.
  • Import and scale DXF files for engraving logos, pictures and drawings.
  • Complex line engravings can be produced by importing DXF files from CAD, CAM or other drawing programs.
  • Incremental serial numbers: Create and engrave an incremental series of numbers in one output nc program (g-code program) by entering the starting and ending serial number and the increment.
  • A pause command such as M0 (or any other code specified by the user) can also be used for pausing between incremental serial numbers.
  • Any font type, size and character spacing may be used for creating serial numbers.
  • The serial numbers may also be rotated at an angle, mirrored, or wrapped around a circle.
  • Enter any nc codes before or after each incremental serial number.
  • Enter simple nc codes. (Turn on or off the spindle and coolant, tool changes, pallet changes, coordinate offsets for multiple setups, etc.).
  •  Cut and paste other machining programs into the serial number interface window to run the programs before or after each serial number is engraved.
  •  Callout and run subprograms. (machine a part with a different nc program, then engrave the incrementing serial number).
  • Add fixed text to the left or right of the incrementing serial number. For example, the output could appear as "Lot number: 10368 rev.B" with 10368 as the incrementing number.
  • The serial number format is easily modified. For example, the output could appear as (with 1 as the incrementing number): "Lot:00001 rev.B" or "Lot: 1 rev.B" or "Lot :1 rev.B".
  • Add documentary comments to the output nc program to allow easily locating specific serial numbers within the g-code program. The comment format is easily modified for different CNC controls.
  • Rotate the engraving at any angle. Rotate text, DXF files, and incremental serial numbers.
  • Mirror the engraving for mold-making or reverse engraving (for engraving the back side of clear materials). Mirror text, DXF files, and incremental serial numbers.
  • Control the spacing between letters, words, and lines of text in a paragraph.
  • Wrap the text or incrementing serial numbers around a circle of specified size. (eg. - the letters on a coin.).
  • Export the text as a DXF file for use in other drawing or CAD/CAM software programs.
  • Add any nc codes to the beginning and end of the output nc program.
  • Allows complete CNC programs to be created that do not require any manual editing.
  • Provides control of cutting feedrate, plunging feedrate and depth, rapid clearance plane height, line numbering, and origin point location.
  • Operates using inches or millimeters.
  • Creates Absolute (G90) or Incremental (G91) Output.
  • Rapid moves may be displayed or hidden.
  • The Engraving Output nc program is saved as a text file. File may be viewed and edited with notepad or another text editor.
  • Click below to view a sample output nc program (An output g-code program.) for a serial number operation. <<Sample CNC Serial Number g-code program>>

Please Note that this FULL version 2L Engraving Software Program is no longer available.

Please review the PRO 1 (3 axis) version or PRO 2 (3 and 4 axis) version Engraving Software Programs or contact us with any questions (978)567-8867

This program has been upgraded and replaced with the following programs:






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