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Engraving Tool Tip Widths

Engraving Tool Tip Width Selection for the Size Engraving Required.

Choosing the appropriate tip width for your engraving project will depend on the end result you desire in the marking. The engraving tool is selected primarily for aesthetic reasons. Smaller text sizes should use a smaller tip width.

Consider your letter height when choosing a tip width. Too wide of a tip width can cause small letters to overlap. A smaller tip will result in thinner engraved lines. Smaller tip widths are more prone to breakage than wider ones.

Use the following table as a starting point to assist you in determining the tip width that will provide you with the end result you need. We recommend you select a range of tip sizes and perform several tries to determine the best results for your project. Use the widest tip possible to extend the life of the engraving tool. Although smaller tips are available, tips smaller than 0.010” are prone to breakage and are not recommend.

The most common tip width is 0.020”. It produces a line fine enough for engraving letters with a height as small as approximately 0.100” and is strong enough to withstand machining very tough materials.

Engraving Tool Tip Width Selection Help


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