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Engraving Tool Tip Angles

Engraving Tool - Included Tip Angles

A 60 degree included tip angle is the most common engraving tool tip configuration. It provides for a rugged tip and can produce very fine clean lines.

If a finer width line is desired, an engraving cutter with a 30 degree included tip angle may be used. The 30 degree included tip angle produces a line width which is finer than a 60 degree angle however tip breakage is more prevalent.

Larger included angles such as 90 degrees are available if desired for aesthetic purposes or for an even more robust tool tip configuration.

The following table shows the increase in the width of the engraved line at the surface for each 0.001” increase of depth.

Included Angle Width Increase per 0.001” of Depth
30 0.0005”
45 0.0009”
60 0.0012”
90 0.002”
Decreasing the included angle from 60 degrees to 30 degrees causes the width of the line to be reduced approximately 0.003” for every 0.005” of depth.

As a simple rule of thumb, when changing tools from a 60 degree angle to a 30 degree angle, increase the width of the tip by 0.005” to obtain an engraved line with equivalent appearance.



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