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Hole Making and Threading Tools

Solid Carbide Countersinks, Spot Drills, Boring Bars, Thread Mills, Chamfering Tools

  • Standard and Metric Tools.
  • Premium, Ultra-Fine, Nano Grade Solid Carbide for maximum tool strength and rigidity.
  • Manufactured in house.
  • Many tools in stock & ready to ship.
Call Us: (978)567-8867 or Contact Us if you have any questions.

Hole Making and Threading Tools
Chamfering Tools, Spot Drills, Countersinks, Boring Bars, Thread Mills

Boring Bars (BB)

Machine and Finish Inside Diameters of Workpieces

Mini Boring Bars
Boring Bars
Use to enlarge or finish the inside diameter of a workpiece.

Boring Bars have a round neck for maximum rigidity and less deflection.
See All Tool Bit Sizes

Square Key Broaches (SK)

Produce Keyway Slots

Square Key Broaches
Square Key Broaches
Square Key Broaches are used to produce keyway slots.

 Broach or punch keyway slots on a lathe or machining center.
See All Tool Bit Sizes

Thread Mills (TM)

Mill Multiple Thread Pitches

Thread Mills
Use for cutting external and internal threads.

Create multiple thread pitches with one tool.
See All Tool Bit Sizes

Chamfering Tools with 2 Flutes (M)

For Chamfering and Beveling

Chamfering Tools
Chamfering Tools

Chamfer, bevel and machine Carbon Steel, Hardened Steels, Stainless, Aluminum, Plastic, Titanium, Tool Steel and many other materials. See All Tool Bit Sizes

Spotting Drills (SD)

For Spot Drilling, Centering, Pre-Drilling Holes, and Deburring

Spotting Drills
Spot Drills
For use on Aluminum, Brass, Plastic, Wood as well as more difficult materials such as Steel, Stainless steel, Composites, Inconel, and Titanium. See All Tool Bit Sizes

Countersinks with Pilot (CSP)

Pilot Reduces Chatter When Countersinking

Countersink with Pilot
Countersink Tools with Pilot
Countersinks with integrated pilot drills reduce chattering by allowing the pilot to closely fit into a predrilled hole. See All Tool Bit Sizes

Countersinks with Single Flute (CS)

82°, 90, 100 for Countersinking

Countersink Single Flute
Single Flute Countersink Tools
Single Flute, solid carbide shanks ensure maximum rigidity to reduce chatter while countersinking. See All Tool Bit Sizes




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