Countersinking Products

CNC Countersink Depth Stop Tool & Solid Carbide Countersinks

2L inc. manufacturers a wide range of superior quality Countersinking Products.

  • CNC Countersink Depth Stop Tool for provides precise countersink depth on uneven surfaces.
  • Solid Carbide Single Flute Countersinks.
  • Solid Carbide Countersink Tools with Pilot.
  • Manufactured in house.
  • We keep the majority of our Countersinking products in stock, and ready to ship!

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CNC Countersink Depth Stop Tool

  • The CNC Countersink Depth Stop maintains precise countersink depth control on materials with uneven surfaces.
  • Depth of cut can be precisely adjusted in 0.001” increments.
  • Fits into a standard 1/2” Collet or End Mill Holder.
  • Accommodates Countersink Tools with cutter diameters up to 7/8” (0.875”).

Countersinks with Pilot

  • Solid Carbide Countersink with pilots designed for countersinking, chamfering or deburring.
  • Countersinks with integrated pilot drills reduce chattering by allowing the pilot to closely fit into a predrilled hole.

Countersinks with Single Flute

  • Single Flute Solid Carbide Tool for countersinking, chamfering or deburring.
  • Solid carbide shank ensures maximum rigidity to reduce chatter.

Collets, Springs and Accessories

  • For use with the CNC Countersink Depth Stop Tool.