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Free Engraving Software - CNC Programming Software for CNC Mills

PRO Light Version: 2L Engraving Software Program - Free Engraving Software

Free Engraving Software for CNC Mills

The PRO Light Version of the 2L Engraving Software is provided FREE of charge with the purchase of a Spring Loaded Engraving Tool Kit.

Free 2L Engraving Software   Engraved letters with the 2L Engraving Software and 2L Single Line Fonts which are purchased separately

Features of The FREE 2L Engraving Software PRO LIGHT VERSION:
  • This PRO Light Version of the 2L Engraving Software is provided as a FREE download with each Spring Loaded Engraving Tool Kit purchase (the PRO Light Version of the Software is not sold separately).
  • Makes G code from true type fonts to program cnc milling machines.
  • Converts any font into standard g code for programming a CNC milling machine.
  • The CNC programming software for engraving allows you to program a CNC mill by producing standard g code from any windows true type fonts.
  • Single or multiple lines of text may be entered into the program as a single layer with one font.
  • The font, size, depth of engraving, feed rates, and origin location are all easily modified.
  • The output CNC g code is saved as a text file that may be edited with notepad or other text editor.
  • The g code programs produced use only G0 and G1 moves. To ensure CNC control compatibility, no other nc codes are necessary for engraving.
  • One 2L Single Line Stick Type Engraving Font is also included. Additional Single Line Engraving Fonts are available that function with the PRO 1, PRO 2 and PRO 3 Engraving Software Programs.
  • The free 2L PRO Light engraving software is available only with each purchase of a Spring Loaded Engraving Tool.  It is not supplied by 2L inc. in any other manner.
  • All 2L PRO Programs operate on Microsoft Windows® 7, 8, 10, XP, and Vista.
  • Recommended minimum RAM 512 MB.
  • Approximate program file size is 287 MB.
  • 2L PRO Engraving Software Programs are installed on your PC. Installation and registration requires Internet access, as well as email and/or print capability on the installation PC.
The 2L Engraving Software Programs can be used to engrave using your CNC Milling Machine.

The Free 2L PRO Light Program is provided with the purchase of a Spring Loaded Engraving Tool Kit which allows for engraving of flat, curved and uneven surfaces. To learn more about the Spring Loaded Engraving Tools Click Here.

If your cnc control is able to recognize this code, the 2L Engraving Software Program is compatible with your cnc machine.

Example for the capital letter "L" - one inch tall:See the Video

G0 Z0.200
G0 X0.000
G1 Z-0.025 F250.000
G1 X0.000 Y-1.000 F15.000
X0.540 Y-1.000
G0 Z0.200

A downloadable Demo is available for the 2L PRO Engraving Software Programs.

Request your Demo HERE!

Additional 2L PRO Engraving Software Programs

In addition to the Free 2L Pro Light Engraving Software Program, 2L offers software programs with expanded functionality.

- Pro 1 Version for 3 Axis CNC Machines.

- Pro 2 Version for 3 Axis, 4 Axis, and C Axis Lathes.

- Pro 3 Version for 2D Data Matrix Barcoding with 3 Axis, 4 Axis, and C Axis Lathes.

- Compare all Programs here.


Standard Features of the PRO 1, PRO 2 and PRO 3 Programs:
  • Place single or multiple imported images, text, incrementing serial numbers, drawn objects such as straight lines, freehand lines, circles, and rectangles all in one layout and create one G-code .nc program.
  • Engrave at a constant depth onto a 3D Surface.
  • Use multiple font styles and sizes for text/numbers.
  • Perform pocketing and reverse pocketing (reverse engraving), spiral or back and forth tool paths.
  • Create incremental serial numbers.
  • Import, Edit, Engrave JPG, BMP, GIF and DXF Files (company logos, drawings, etc.).
  • Import and engrave any type of photograph and convert them into lines (vectors) which can be engraved.
  • Draw items (shapes, circles, rectangles, freehand and straight lines).
  • Locate the engraving layout precisely on the workpiece using reference geometry or guidelines.
  • Control text orientation, alignment, spacing, and size of multiple instances of text.
  • Cycle Time Monitor calculates engraving cycle times.
  • Converts the included 2L single line engraving fonts or any font installed on your computer into standard G-code.
  • Includes set of eleven (11) 2L Single Line Stick Fonts.

See all 2L PRO Engraving Software Programs here.



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