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Vacuum Chucks

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2L designs and manufactures Vacuum Chucks in a variety of standard stock sizes.

The Modular Vacuum Chuck is a 8" x 12" Vacuum Chuck System with a unique patent pending design that allows multiple Vacuum Chuck pallets to be connected to create a custom size workspace.

Large Vacuum Chucks are available in standard sizes of 13" x 25", 18" x 36" and 24" x 48" and are produced from flat ground hi-tensile cast aluminum plate, with a unique grid design that maximizes vacuum holding power.

Modular Vacuum Chucks
Modular Vacuum Chucks. Use one, or connect 2, 3 or 4 vacuum chuck pallets. 
The 8" x 12" Vacuum Chuck is a modular Vacuum Chuck system that allows you to connect multiple 8" x 12" Vacuum Chucks to easily increase your vacuum workholding area and create the size vacuum chuck required.More Info

This is a quick and flexible system for prototyping and is excellent for high production due to easy repeatable set up.

Four preconfigured Vacuum Chuck Kits are available with 1, 2, 3 and 4 Vacuum Chuck Pallets.

The Modular Vacuum Chucks Kits are available separately for use with an existing Vacuum Pump, or can be purchased as a Complete Vacuum System with Vacuum Chuck(s), Vacuum Pump, Gasket Cord and the Accessories needed to get started vacuum workholding.

Large Vacuum Chucks
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13" x 25" Large Vacuum Chucks
Large Size Vacuum Chucks are available in three standard sizes. 

All Vacuum Chucks are produced from flat ground hi-tensile cast aluminum plate.  Each Vacuum Chuck has individual Vacuum Ports with multiple vacuum holes per port which allow for flexible use of the entire top surface.

The special grid design maximizes vacuum holding power and allows for removing material from the top surface if the Vacuum Chuck. 

1/2" spacing between the Gasket Cord Slots provides for flexible workpiece placement and optimizes table space and the amount of workpiece exposed to the vacuum.

Threaded holes in the top surface of the Vacuum Chucks allow Workstops for aligning workpieces to be used and allow holding down disposable top plates.

More than one Vacuum Chuck can be used in the same cnc machine to create extremely large vacuum workholding areas.

Replaceable Aluminum Top Plates are available for machining and drilling through the workpiece which eliminates damage to the surface of the Vacuum Chuck.

The Large Vacuum Chucks are available separately or as complete Vacuum Systems including Vacuum Chuck, Vacuum Pump, Gasket Cord and the needed Vacuum Port Assemblies to begin vacuum workholding.

These Vacuum Chucks are typically in stock.

Customization of Vacuum Chucks and Top Plates is available with quick turn-around.

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18" x 36" Large Vacuum Chucks
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24" x 48" Large Vacuum Chucks


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