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PRO 1 Engraving Software Program for 3 Axis Engraving

Engrave Text, Logos, Serialize Numbers, Pocket, Import Images, DXF and more

3 Axis PRO 1 Engraving Software Program 

  • Simple to use interface allows virtually any cnc machine operator to create G-code programs.
  • Engrave multiple font styles and sizes, imported image files (company logos, drawings), drawn items (shapes - circles, rectangles, freehand and straight lines, etc.), and incremental serial numbers in one output cnc G-code program (.nc file).
  • Engrave at a Constant Depth on an Imported 3D Surface. Project the engraving onto a surface of an imported 3D model. This creates an engraving that maintains a constant depth in relation to a 3D model. Place and modify complex geometry onto a 3D surface in just a few steps.
  • Control text orientation, alignment, spacing, and size on multiple instances of text.
  • Perform Pocketing and Reverse Pocketing (Reverse Engraving), Spiral or Back and Forth Toolpaths.
  • Includes 2L Single Line Stick Fonts package.
  • Import and edit JPG, BMP, and GIF bitmap images (photos) and convert them into lines (vectors) which can be engraved. The Engraving Software automatically places a cutting tool path on the lines.
  • Place text, incrementing serial numbers, drawn objects such as straight lines, freehand lines, circles, rectangles, and multiple imported images all in one layout and create one G-code nc program.
  • 2L PRO Programs operate on Microsoft Windows® 7, 8, 10, XP, and Vista.
  • Recommended minimum RAM 512 MB.
  • Approximate program file size is 287 MB.
If your cnc control is able to recognize this code, the 2L Engraving Software Program is compatible with your cnc machine.

Example for the capital letter "L" - one inch tall:

G0 Z0.200
G0 X0.000
G1 Z-0.025 F250.000
G1 X0.000 Y-1.000 F15.000
X0.540 Y-1.000
G0 Z0.200

A downloadable Demo is available for the 2L PRO Engraving Software Programs.
Request your Demo HERE!

PRO 1 Engraving Software Program for 3 Axis Engraving


PRO 1 Version - 2L Engraving Software Program

for 3 Axis CNC Machine Engraving (downloadable program).

2L PRO 1 Engraving Software Program operates on Microsoft Windows® 7, 8, 10, XP, and Vista.

The 2L PRO Engraving Software programs are provided as a download program that is installed on your PC.  Installation of the software program requires your PC to have Internet access and either email or print capabilities.

Engraving Software orders and unlock code requests are processed: 
Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm ET.

PRO 1 Engraving Software Program

Part No.: 10676
Price: $499.00 per seat
Sale Price: $399.00 per seat

2L PRO Engraving Software Programs Terms of Purchase

  • Software products/programs are non-returnable, non-refundable.
  • Installation requires internet access; software programs are provided via download only.
  • Registration requires email or print capabilities.
  • Software is sold on a per seat licensing basis.
  • The purchase of a single seat of a software program allows for two installations of the software.
  • 2L will provide two unique unlock codes per seat to allow for computer upgrades and/or issues.
  • If more than two unlock codes are needed, additional seats of software must be purchased.
  • Upon installation a unique unlock code is provided by email or fax during the mandatory registration process.
  • Each unlock code is unique and specific to the computer the software is installed and registered on. This unlock code will only function on this computer.
  • Technical assistance is provided on an hourly fee basis.

Each tool is manufactured of a Premium, Ultra Fine, Nano Grade, Solid Carbide for maximum tool strength and durability.
When engraving use of coolant is recommended for maximum performance and tool life.

Multi Purpose Chamfering - Engraving Tool

Multi Purpose Chamfering and Engraving Tool

  • High performance, durable multi purpose tool used for chamfering, engraving, spot drilling and countersinking.
  • For use on Carbon Steel, Hardened Steels, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Plastic, Titanium, Tool Steel and many other materials.
  • Tough cutting edges allow for higher feedrates when chamfering.
  • 2 flutes (2 cutting edges).
  • Premium, Ultra-Fine, Nano Grade Solid Carbide for maximum tool strength and durability.
Tool Shank Diameter Overall Length Included Angle Tip Width Part No. Price
Order Below
2.0" 60° .015" M-1875x2.0-60-.015 $17.98

Sale: $16.12

2.0" 90° .010" M-1875x2.0-90-.010 $17.98

Sale: $16.12

2.0" 60° .015" M-250x2.0-60-.015 $19.98

Sale: $18.08 each

3/16" Engraving Tool Starter Kits
Use in CNC Machines, Collets, Routers, and the 2L Spring Loaded Engraving Tools

These Engraving Tool Starter Kits includes six popular Tool Bits. We stock our Engraving Tool Starter Kits with the most commonly used engraving tool bits for your machine and its' most typical applications.

This selection of Tool Bits engraves a wide range of materials and can assist you in determining which Engraving Tool Bit you prefer for the material being engraved for your specific application.

All of these engraving tools can be used in a CNC Mill, Router, 2L Spring Loaded Engraving Tools, held rigidly in a Collet, End Mill Holder, Shrink Fit Holder and a variety of other industrial engraving and marking equipment.

All tools included in our Starter Kits are produced from a Premium, Ultra-Fine, Nano Grade Solid Carbide for maximum tool strength and durability.
Each Starter Kit includes one of the following Tool Bits:
Tough Tip for Stainless, Steels, Hard Materials

Tough Tip Engraving Tool for Steels & Stainless
Tough Tip for Aluminum

Tough Tip Engraving Tool for Aluminum
Conical Ballnose for Aluminum, Acrylics, Steels


Standard Conical for General Purpose Engraving

Standard Conical for Harder Materials
Standard Conical for Softer Materials

Standard Conical for Softer Materials
Chamfering-Engraving Tool for Engraving, Chamfering

Chamfering-Engraving Tool
 60 degree included angle
.020" tip width
60 degree included angle
.020" tip width
60 degree included angle
.010" radius tip
60 degree included angle
.020" tip width
60 degree included angle
.020" tip width
60 degree included angle
.010" tip width

Tool Shank
Overall Tool Length Kit Includes One (1) of Each These Tool Bits Order Below
2.0" T-1875x2.0-60-.020

3/16" Dia.  Engraving Tool Starter Kit

Part No.: 10489

Price: $98.91 each
Sale Price: $88.99 each

3/16" Armor Drills & Armor Mills™

Remove Broken Taps and Drills, Machine Granite, Armor Plate, Hardened Steels.
  • Drill out and remove broken taps.
  • Machine and Cut Granite, Armor Plate, Hardened Steels.
  • Premium, Ultra-Fine, Nano Grade Solid Carbide for maximum tool strength and rigidity.
  • All information here.

Armor Mills & Armor Drills Remove Broken Taps and Drills

Armor Mills & Armor Drills Machine and Cut Granite, Hardened Steel, Armor Plate and other Very Hard Materials

Remove Broken Taps and DrillsBroken Tap Removal Tools Machine Granite, Armor Plate, Hardened Steel with the Armor Mill Tool

Description Cutter
Flute Length Tool
Overall Length # of Flutes Order Below
Armor Mill
Armor Mill for Granite and Armor Plate

Part No. A-1875x2.0-.1875-.75
.750" 3/16"
2.0" 2
Price: $23.76
Sale: $21.30
Armor Drill
Armor Drill for Granite and Armor Plate
Part No. D-1875x2.0-.1875-.75
.750" 3/16"
2.0" N/A
Price: $23.76
Sale: $21.30

These offers cannot be combined with any other discount/offer.
Special pricing available while supplies last.
All Sales are final.
Sale prices are valid through 07/21/2019 while supplies last!



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