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The Spring Loaded Engraving Toolholder and Accessories Are Now Available

The Spring Loaded Engraving Toolholder and its' Related Engraving and Product Marking Accessories Are Now Available

News Release: November 27th, 2002

Hudson, MA, November 27, 2002 - 2L, inc. today announced that the Spring Loaded Engraving Toolholder and its related engraving and product marking accessories are available.

The Spring Loaded Engraving Toolholder is a unique engraving tool for cnc milling machines. It simplifies engraving and marking on flat, curved, or uneven surfaces when using a cnc milling machine.

The Spring Loaded Engraving Toolholder fits into a standard 3/4" collet or end mill holder and provides constant pressure to an engraving toolbit as it moves over the surface being engraved. The toolbit is able to move (float) back and forth within the toolholder to compensate for uneven surfaces. It is not critical that the part being engraved is perfectly flat on the machine table. There is no need to compensate for minor surface variations using engraving software. It eliminates set-up problems and time consuming trial and error trying to precisely locate the uneven surfaces. No more complex 3D CAM programs are necessary trying to wrap the text onto the surface you want engraved. It has an integrated collet holder to hold the engraving toolbits which allows quick changing of the engraving toolbits without removing the toolholder from the machine.

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