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Extended Tool Holder for 1/8" Diameter Tools

Extended Tool Holder Increases Reach of Tool Bit Into Deep Cavities or Pockets Which Have Limited Space

Extended Toolholder
Holds 1/8" (.125") Diameter Tool Bits

Extended Tool Holder - Straight Shank Tool Extension

  • Use the Extended Tool Holder for operations where an extra long tool is needed to reach into deep cavities or pockets and where larger diameter collet holding devices will not allow getting close enough to the cavity or pocket walls.
  • 3/8" (0.375") overall shank diameter.  
  • The straight shank (0.375" diameter) allows you to control how far the tool holder protrudes from your collet.
  • 6.0" overall length.
  • Holds 1/8" (0.125") diameter Tool Bits.
  • Change the cutting tools from the front without removing the tool holder from the spindle.
  • This tool is designed for light finishing cuts only.
Operating Notes: Protrude the Extended Tool Holder from your collet the minimum amount necessary to reach into the pocket or cavity. The shaft may bend or whip if protruded too far from the collet or too much sideways cutting pressure is applied. Due to the extremely small shank diameter and length of the tool, the run out of the tool can be as much as 0.004" when the tool is protruded the full length of the shaft. The Extended Tool Holder is produced from high strength tool steel so it can be trammed in straight (straightened) in your spindle if necessary.

3/8" Diameter Extended Tool Holder


Extended Tool Holder - Straight Shank Extension

- 0.375" (.3/8") Shank Diameter
- Holds 1/8" Diameter Tool Bits.
- 6.0" Overall Length

Extended Tool Holder for 1/8" Cutters:

Part No.: 10782

Price: $99.00 each

In Stock!


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