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2D Data Matrix UID Barcoding Tool Bit

2D Data Matrix Toolbit For Creating Data Matrix UID Barcodes & Human Readable Text

2D Data Matrix (UID) Barcoding Tool

Shank Diameters
1/8", 11/64" 3/16", 1/4"

Included Angles
60°, 90°, 120°
2D Data Matrix UID Tool bit

For Identification, Engraving & Marking:
2D Data Matrix Barcodes, UID Unique Identification Marks, very fine engraving, and to engrave plated parts prone to chipping

Made of submicron grade carbide

The 2D Data Matrix Tool is a special multi-faceted pyramid shaped tool bit designed to create 2D Data Matrix, UID (Unique Identification Marks) Barcodes, and human readable text.

2D Data Matrix Barcodes are commonly used for creating UID (Unique Identification Marks) for government, aerospace, and high volume products.

Although this tool bit is designed to produce 2D Data Matrix Barcodes, it can also be used to produce fine engraving on most materials.  It also works well cutting through plating that is difficult to engrave and prone to chipping. When using this cutter the base material underneath the plating is exposed.

The 2D Data Matrix Tool is designed to be rotated while engraving and uses feed rates and spindle speeds similar to standard conical engraving tools.

When using the 2D Data Matrix Tool bit for barcoding we recommend using a Spring Loaded Engraving Tool. This tool can be held rigidly in a Collet or End Mill Holder for general engraving applications.2D Data Matrix UID Magnified Engraving

These tools are produced from a Premium Ultra Fine Submicron Grade Solid Carbide for maximum tool strength and durability.

To order select a tool diameter below.
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2D Data Matrix UID Engraving

2D Data Matrix Tool Bit

2D Data Matrix Tool
Available Tool Shank Diameters
More Info1/8" (.125") Shank Diameter
60, 90 & 120
More Info11/64" (.1719") Shank Diameter
60, 90 & 120
More Info3/16" (.1875") Shank Diameter
60, 90 & 120
More Info1/4" (.250") Shank Diameter
60, 90 & 120

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