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Electric Vacuum Pump - Portable and Oil Free Vacuum Pump

Electric Vacuum Pump - 20 Gallon, 10 CFM Vacuum System

The Electric Vacuum Pump is a Portable Oil Free Electric Vacuum Pump System used for Vacuum Workholding, Fixturing, and Vacuum Forming.

The Electric Vacuum Pump can be used with 2L Large Vacuum Chucks or Modular Vacuum Chuck, your own Vacuum Chuck or a wide range of vacuum workholding systems for workholding and fixturing applications.

This is a maintenance free vacuum system designed for high production environments.

Max Vacuum of 26' Hg.

Can accommodate a 1,200 square in sealed Vacuum Chuck.

Large visible inlet filter allows for easy removal of coolant or debris.


Electric Vacuum Pump, Portable, Oil Free High Vacuum Pump Electric Vacuum Pump System Includes:
  • Portable 20 gallon ASME tank with a 10 CFM vacuum system.
  • 3/8" NPT connection.
  • Maintenance free 3/4 hp oil free / oil-less vacuum pump motor.
  • Vacuum Gauge.
  • Automatic adjustable vacuum switch allows for auto on/off at a set vacuum.
  • Large inlet filter to remove coolant and debris.
  • 110 VAC / 9.2A power connection.
  • Handle and Wheels for easy transport and moving of vacuum pump.

This Portable Electric Vacuum Pump System is in stock and ready to ship.
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This Electric Vacuum Pump operates similar in principal to a Standard Air Compressor.  The Automatic Vacuum Switch controls the operation of the Vacuum Pump.  As the vacuum level drops in the ASME storage tank, the Vacuum Switch turns the Vacuum Pump on until the upper limit of the vacuum is reached.

After the upper limit of the vacuum is reached the Vacuum Pump shuts off.  So just as with a Standard Air Compressor the Automatic Electric Vacuum Pump cycles on and off as needed.  Therefore the Vacuum Pump can be left unattended for periods of time and does not require the constant attention that a simple Vacuum Pump without automatic switches would require.

The vacuum level switch is adjustable so the maximum level of the vacuum may be adjusted if necessary.

2L manufactures Complete Vacuum Systems which include this Portable Electric Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Chucks of many sizes and all the accessories needed to get started vacuum workholding.   Click here for options.

Electric Vacuum Pump System - Portable & Oil Free
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Electric Vacuum Pump System Includes:
  • 20 Gallon ASME Tank with a 10 CFM Vacuum System.
  • 3/8" NPT connection.
  • 3/4 hp oil free Vacuum Pump Motor.
  • Vacuum Gauge.
    Automatic Adjustable Vacuum Switch.
  • Inlet filter.
  • 110 VAC / 9.2A power connection.
  • Handle and Wheels.
  • Instructions for use.

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Catalog No. 10263


Price: $2159.00 each
Shipping information for the Portable Electric Vacuum Pump.

This Electric Vacuum Pump is currently shipped only to locations within the Continental United States and Canada.

This Electric Vacuum Pump is shipped via freight.

The shipping fee will not be shown when you submit your order online. After we receive and review your order we will contact you to confirm shipping/fees.  We do our utmost to use reliable and cost effective transportation services on your behalf.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us or call us directly at (978)567-8867.


vacuum gauge coolant filter Vacuum Quick Disconnect Couplings with Modular Vacuum Chuck
Vacuum Gauge and Vacuum Pump Motor Coolant Filter Quick Disconnect attached to a 2L Modular Vacuum Chuck and Vacuum Hose Kit


Portable Electric Vacuum Pump shown with modular vacuum chucks in machining center

Electric Vacuum Pump
shown with two 2L Modular Vacuum Chucks in VMC



updated 08-20-2013


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