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Engraving Accessories

General Accessories for Engraving

Double Sided Engraving and Workholding Tape  -  Cutter Knobs  -  Set Screws and Hex Wrenches for use with Cutter Knobs.

Engraving Accessories


Double Sided Workholding Tape

Double Sided Engraving Tape

Firmly holds workpieces in position. One side has a strong permanent adhesive. The other is coated with a removable adhesive.

The removable adhesive allows removal of the workpiece without damaging it or leaving residue. It also allows for removal and repositioning of the workpiece many times.

1 roll - 1" width x 36 yards length.

Double Sided Tape

Part No.: 10276

Price:  $21.00 each

Cutter Knob



Cutter Knobs
for Top Loading Engraving Tools and Machines

Knobs Fit: 1/8", 11/64" and 1/4" Tool Bits

Sold in a package of 10 (including set screws)

1/8" Cutter Knobs

Part No.: 10316

Price:  $20.00 pkg. of ten

11/64" Cutter Knobs

Part No.: 10317

Price:  $20.00 pkg. of ten

1/4" Cutter Knobs

Part No.: 10318

Price:  $20.00 pkg. of ten

Set Screws for Cutter KnobsSet Screws for Cutter Knobs

Sold in a package of 5

Set Screws for Cutter Knobs

Part No.: 10323

Price:  $5.00 pkg. of five

Hex Wrench for Cutter Knobs Set ScrewsHex Wrench for Cutter Knob Set Screws

Hex Wrench

Part No.: 10322

Price:  $2.50 each


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