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Custom Tools

Custom Engraving Tools, Chamfering Tools, End Mills and more.

2L manufactures solid carbide engraving tools, end mills, chamfering tools, and a wide range of unique cutting tools.
  • We produce our custom tools from a superior quality Sub Micron Nano Grade Solid Carbide for maximum tool strength and durability.
  • We manufacture our solid carbide tools in house.
  • Download custom tool forms below and fax to us at (978)562-8972.
  • If you have any questions call us at (978)567-8867.
We maintain stock of many of our standard tools.
Custom tools are produced in house with quick turn-around.

Need a Custom Engraving Tool, Chamfering Tool, Spot Drill, or Countersink?
Custom Engraving Tool Form (Download & Print PDF)

Complete Form and Fax to us at: (978)562-8972

Need a Custom End Mill or Other Tool?
Custom End Mill Tool Form (Download & Print PDF)
Complete Form and Fax to us at: (978)562-8972

We Stock Our Tooling Carbide in the Following Sizes*
Tool Diameter Overall Length
1/8" 2" & 4.5"
11/64" 6.5"
3/16" 2.0"
1/4" 2.0" & 6.5"
3/8" 3.0"
1/2" 3.0"
9/16" 3.0"
3/4" 3.0"
4 mm 50 mm
6 mm 50 mm

* If you do not see a diameter, length, or size you require contact us (978)567-8867.


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Engraving Tool Bits:

Tough Tip Tool for Stainless & Steels
Tough Tip Tool for Aluminum
 Conical V-Bits
Single Flute Ballnose
2 Flute Ballnose
Diamond, Profilers & Small Engraving
All Engraving Bits

Spring Loaded Engraving Tools:

3/4" Dia. Spring Loaded Engraving Tool
20 mm Dia. Spring Loaded Engraving Tool
1/2" Dia. Spring Loaded Engraving Tool
3/8" Dia. Spring Loaded Engraving Tool
1/4" Dia. Spring Loaded Engraving Tool

Engraving Software Programs:

3 Axis CNC Mill
3 & 4 Axis CNC Mill, C-Axis Lathe
2D Data Matrix Barcoding

End Mills:

Multi Purpose End Mills
Aluminum Cutting End Mills
Downcut End Mills
Plastic & Wood Cutting End Mills
Armor Mills for Granite
Extended Tool Holder

Cutting Tools:

Spot Drills
Chamfering Tools
Broken Tap Removal Tools


Countersink Depth Stop Tool
Countersinks Tool Bits


Vacuum Chucks
Air Venturi Vacuum Generator Pumps
Oilless Portable Electric Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Chuck & Pump Systems
Workstops & Edge Clamps
Replaceable Top Plates
Pallet System
No-Clog Air Exhaust Silencers

2L inc., 4 Kane Industrial Drive, Hudson, Massachusetts 01749 USA
Tel: (978)567-8867, Email: contact@2Linc.com

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