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4 Kane Industrial Drive
Hudson, MA 01749
Tel: (978)567-8867
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Thank you for visiting our web site and your interest in our products

2L has been manufacturing in Massachusetts since 1998. 
We manufacture in house!

If you have any questions feel free to:

Our Business Hours are Monday - Friday:
8:00 am - 5:30 pm, Boston USA
(we are often here later so feel free to try us)

Corporate / Remit To:
2L inc.
4 Kane Industrial Drive
Hudson, MA 01749
Shipping / Manufacturing:
2L inc.
4 Kane Industrial Drive
Hudson, MA 01749

Contact Us:
Phone: (978) 567-8867
Fax: (978) 562-8972

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Spring Loaded Engraving Toolholders
Engraving Depth Controlling Nosepiece Systems
Engraving Tools and Cutters

End Mill
Armor Mills
Armor Drills
Chamfering Tools
Countersink Tools

Engraving Software - General
PRO 1 Engraving Software
PRO 2 Engraving Software
PRO 3 2D Data Matrix Engraving Software
Single Line Engraving Fonts

Modular Vacuum Chucks
Large Vacuum Chucks
Complete Vacuum Systems with Modular Chucks
Complete Vacuum System with Large Vacuum Chucks
Oilless Electric Vacuum Pump
Air Powered Venturi Vacuum Generator Pump
Pallet-Vise Workholding System
Adjustable Workstops and Edge Clamps

No-Clog Air Tool Exhaust Silencer - Pneumatic Muffler
CNC Countersink Depth Stop

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