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4 Kane Industrial Drive
Hudson, MA 01749
Tel: (978)567-8867
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About Us

Engraving, Workholding & Industrial Products.  Made in the USA.

We manufacture In our facility In Hudson, Massachusetts USA!

Do not hesitate to contact us with questions or to order.

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:30 pm, Boston, USA
Contact Us:
Phone: (978) 567-8867
Fax: (978) 562-8972
Email: contact@2Linc.com
Shipping & Manufacturing Address:
2L inc.
4 Kane Industrial Drive
Hudson, MA 01749
2L inc.

Since 1998, 2L inc. has been designing, developing and manufacturing our own innovative products for the engraving, manufacturing and industrial markets.

We use the items we manufacture in our facility and design them to save time, money and effort. Because we use our own products, we know their excellent quality and strive to continuously provide new and cost effective solutions to you.

We manufacture our products in our facility in Massachusetts, USA.

We keep many of our items in stock ready to ship the same day!

The engraving tools and cutting tools produced by 2L are manufactured from a Premium Ultra Fine Submicron Grade Solid Carbide for maximum tool strength and durability.  Our tools are manufactured on our own fully automated CNC equipment. The tools are CNC qualified and inspected with our state of the art optical measuring microscopes. All of our tool designs are tested in house on the latest high speed machining centers and multi-axis lathes on a wide variety of materials to ensure the tools we produce are the finest tools available anywhere. Contact us for custom tools not shown in the catalog. Our cnc equipment and 3D design software allows for virtually any tool to be produced.

Many of our unique products including the Spring Loaded Engraving Tool, the Tough Tip Engraving Tool, Modular Vacuum Chucks, and the Adjustable Edge Clamps were created because there were no other products like them on the market and there was clearly a need for them. Many of these products are innovative enough to be granted patents and are not manufactured by anyone other than 2L.

We utilize the latest high speed machining centers, multi-axis lathes, and a state of the art optical measuring equipment to manufacture and verify that we produce the finest tools available.

It is our mission to continue developing and producing products that:

Make Engraving Simple and Manufacturing Easier

Orders can be placed on our web site, or call us directly at (978) 567-8867.

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Engraving Tool Bits:

Tough Tip Tool for Stainless & Steels
Tough Tip Tool for Aluminum
 Conical V-Bits
Single Flute Ballnose
2 Flute Ballnose
Diamond, Profilers & Small Engraving
All Engraving Bits

Spring Loaded Engraving Tools:

3/4" Dia. Spring Loaded Engraving Tool
20 mm Dia. Spring Loaded Engraving Tool
1/2" Dia. Spring Loaded Engraving Tool
3/8" Dia. Spring Loaded Engraving Tool
1/4" Dia. Spring Loaded Engraving Tool

Engraving Software Programs:

3 Axis CNC Mill
3 & 4 Axis CNC Mill, C-Axis Lathe
2D Data Matrix Barcoding

End Mills:

Multi Purpose End Mills
Aluminum Cutting End Mills
Downcut End Mills
Plastic & Wood Cutting End Mills
Armor Mills for Granite
Extended Tool Holder

Cutting Tools:

Spot Drills
Chamfering Tools
Broken Tap Removal Tools


Countersink Depth Stop Tool
Countersinks Tool Bits


Vacuum Chucks
Air Venturi Vacuum Generator Pumps
Oilless Portable Electric Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Chuck & Pump Systems
Workstops & Edge Clamps
Replaceable Top Plates
Pallet System
No-Clog Air Exhaust Silencers

2L inc., 4 Kane Industrial Drive, Hudson, Massachusetts 01749 USA
Tel: (978)567-8867, Email: contact@2Linc.com

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