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Pallet-Vise Workholding and Fixturing

Modular Pallet-Vise for Workholding, Fixturing and Prototype of Workpieces.

The Pallet-Vise system is a versatile workholding system that eliminates the need for custom fixtures.  It allows you to quickly and easily prototype workpieces with minimal set up time.

Use the Pallet-Vise with 2L Adjustable Workstops and Edge Clamps to hold a wide variety of difficult to hold workpieces.  

This is a flexible Pallet System for prototype or production workholding. This modular system allows you to use one Pallet-Vise, or connect 1, 2, 3, 4 or more to increase your workholding area.

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Pallet-Vise shown with Workholding Accessories, Vise-Block, Adjustable Edge Clamps, and Side and End Workstops

Pallet-Vise Workholding System Shown in Vise with Adjustable Edge Clamps and Hex Workstops

Use with the low profile, 2L Adjustable Workstops and Edge Clamps and hold virtually any size workpiece for machining and engraving.  Workstops and Edge Clamps also help to consistently locate workpieces on the pallet for production machining.  Page down for complete details.

  • Prototype parts quickly.  Use with low profile Adjustable Edge Clamps and Workstops reduce set up time and eliminate the need for custom fixtures. Quick and flexible set up for prototypes.
  • Modular System Increases Workholding area.  Combine 2, 3, 4 or more Pallets to increase your workholding area with Pallet Connectors.
  • Fits in a standard milling vise. Hold the Pallet-Vise Pallet in a standard milling vise or attach a Vise-Block for vise openings as small as 5”.
  • Repeatable set up for high production. Repeatable workpiece position between Pallets for high production. Load one Pallet-Vise off-line while another is being machined.
  • Vise Stop-Pin locates Pallet in the milling vise.
  • Numbered locations on the Pallet-Vise allow for quick set up and consistent workpiece placement in production. Threaded hole locations are labeled to allow documenting setups.
  • Allows drill through of workpieces. 1/4” thick rigid Plastic Pallet Cover allows drilling through the workpiece without damage to the pallet.
  • Hold parts on a magnetic chuck. The Vise-Block allows holding aluminum, plastic and thin workpieces on a magnetic chuck for surface grinders.
  • Single pallet size: 8.0” width x 12.0” length x 0.74” height.
  • Accurate spacing: 77 Threaded 1/4”-20 Holes With Accurate 1.0” Spacing For Clamps.
  • Visit our Workholding Set Up Examples Page.

* The Pallet-Vise Workholding System has a U.S. utility patent pending.

Pallet-Vise System

Single Pallet Kit, Catalog No. 10264

Pallet-Vise System

Note: Some accessories also pictured on this page are not included in the Complete Pallet-Vise System (Cat. No.: 10264) and are purchased separately. 

For all Pallet-Vise Accessories <<< click here >>>.

Pallet-Vise Workholding System

Complete Pallet-Vise System

The Pallet-Vise Kit includes:
Catalog No.: 10264


$495.00 each

Pallet-Vise Aluminum Pallet (additional pallet)

Catalog No.: 10274


$395.00 each

When connecting 2 or more Pallet-Vise Systems

Pallet-Vise Multiple Pallet ConnectorPallet-Vise Multiple Pallet Connector

Lock two or more Pallet-Vises together to increase the size of your workspace area.

May also be used as a clamping area to hold the pallet down to the machine table. Includes four 5/16"-18 screws to connect to your pallet.

A minimum of 2 Pallet-Vise Connectors are needed to connect 2 Pallet-Vise Pallets. When connecting 3 or more Pallets, the quantity needed will depend on your Pallet layout configuration.

Catalog No.: 10268


$32.00 each

Alignment PinAlignment Pin

Heavy duty steel pin aligns and guides two or more Pallet-Vise Plates together for even surface transition.

2 Alignment Pins are needed to connect 2 Pallets together.

Catalog No.: 10356


$6.00 pkg. of two

See all Pallet-Vise Workholding Accessories.

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